Monday, July 06, 2009


When I went back out to WUG (acronym that stands for the three initials of the 5 original owners/siblings) after writing the "Affirmation" post, I told my cousin about it.

"I wrote a post about you," I said. She is not the extrovert so many of us WUGgers are, so I assured her I hadn't used her name or shown her picture. "I love how you said, 'I affirm that in you,'" I continued.

Adjusting her sun hat she said, "Someone said that to me once."

Clearly that person made an impression on my cousin, who in turn passed the favor on to me.

I vow to "affirm" someone today, to look deeply within their eyes, to listen intently and without agenda, to hear them, then to simply and beautifully say, "I affirm that in you."

Hell, I may even do it to/with my husband. Lord only knows how far that could ripple!

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Anonymous said...

affirmed, honored, understood .. how i always feel leaving here.

ripple, ripple.

Amber said...


I like.

I was struck like that by something Oprah said someone said to her once-- "You're future is so bright, it burns my eyes". I didn't mean to, but the words came out once, when I was counseling a VERY BRAVE wounded/child client... I felt lame for a nano, but her face lit up. And I meant it. (she was amazing).

I like these ripples.



Michelle O'Neil said...

It was you wasn't it Carrie? You affirmed her and forgot all about it and then she later ended up using your own mojo on you.

I'd bet money.

pixiemama said...

hmm. i affirm your decision to possibly affirm your husband. I cannot affirm that I could do the same - without agenda.



Ask Me Anything said...

MON is right--I knew it, too!

Lola said...

I affirm this sharing that you are doing:):)

Wanda said...


I affirm that idea...

very Quaker-ish.

Angie Ledbetter said...

After you share the affirmation with STM, I do hope you say it to the mirror.

Deb Shucka said...

I love how you make me laugh and cry all at the same time. Affirming my husband. . . . Hmmmm.