Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thirteen years ago today this bundle of love came into my life. To say I've never been the same since, would be a gross understatement.

Would write more but I've got the following things to do:

* Bake a pink cake with red frosting (5th year in a row - won't eat the cake, but always requests it).

* Search YouTube for people with accents (we're going for Boston, Texas and Jamaican).

* Watch him play with his new recycling truck (goes well with the garbage truck he asked for and got last year).

* Take a soccer ball to the park and use it to play basketball.

* Return to the park later with a basketball and use it to play soccer.

* Meet the extended family at the bowling alley (4th year in a row we've gone bowling on his birthday).

* Talk about and wait for the ice cream truck that we made a special request with last night when they came by (they'll be here at 6:45 PM. Don't forget. Promise you won't forget).

* Wish Elmo a happy birthday, as it turns out his "son" has the same birthday, and is also turning 13. Go figure.

* Search the house for something to wrap up for Elmo, as Elmo has his heart set on also opening a present after bowling.

* Allow Elmo to come in the car to the bowling alley, but not the bowling alley, as the rule has been set: After 13, Elmo stays in the car. Allow my heart to break a little when we close the door on Elmo and walk away.

* Prepare to teach him to shower, as another rule has been set and talked about ad nauseam: 13 year olds take showers and their mothers give them their privacy.

* Tuck him in, read books, say prayers, kiss him and tell him he's the best boy in the world. Because. It's. True.


jill said...

you are the perfect mom for this kid. happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

your love for that boy radiates from the page .. i'm basking in its glow and it couldn't be any more beautiful.

elmo will be ok. leave him something to read.

so will you.

rojo? far better than ok.

happy birthday, sweet boy.


Travis Erwin said...

What a cool birthday tribute.

Jerri said...

Happy Birthday, Rojo. Happy day, Carrie. You are as remarkable a mom as he is a boy. Celebrate. Because. It's. True.

Angie Ledbetter said...

your friend and fellow LSU fan!

PS Please hug Mom & Elmo for me. :)

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday, Rojo! Happy Birthday, Elmo!

Carrie and STM...you Rock!

You, too, Woohoo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Cho Cho. Love you so much. We are coming soon to Portland.

Little k

Jenny said...

Aw, happy birthday to Rojo.

Full Soul Ahead! said...

Happy Birthday Rojo!
I love you.

Amber said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!! Sweet boy is a cancer, like G! No wonder he is such a love, huh?? These crabs are full of tenderness.

I agree. He has the perfect mom. I hope he has a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hoping all his birthday wishes (and yours for him) come true. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your son.

kario said...


I'm thinking Elmo was just fine in the car. Since he's a teenager, he probably just played on his DS and dozed a little.

Nancy said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday! Love to all of you!

Ask Me Anything said...

Can't BELIEVE I missed this---and it's only because I spent the day in the hospital with another incredibly special boy WHOSE BDAY is the SAME DAY.

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Birthday, Rojo! The day you have planned is as exceptional and innocent and joyful as the boy you're celebrating. Love to you both.

Lola said...

Beautiful!!! xo