Friday, July 17, 2009


Rojo seldom asks for anything. I would say never, but that would be a lie. He asked, repeatedly, for the Touch-N-Brush he saw advertised on TV. He is the WORST toothbrusher on the planet, but thanks be to the good Lord and fluoride, he has a minimum of cavities. I was all for something that encouraged tooth brushing.

And so I bit.

I wrote down the 1-800 number and spent a good 30 minutes with a non-human, placing my order. When it arrived I put it where I wouldn't forget it come birthday time (one of my favorite "tricks").

He opened it amongst his other exciting gifts (college T-shirts from all his favorite basketball teams, but that's a whole other post). He was thrilled. Actually? He was beyond thrilled. The party came to a screeching halt as Papa reached in his 83-year-old pocket for his knife to help Rojo immediately free the Touch-N-Brush from its cardboard surroundings.

"Dad, let's go put up my Touch-N-Brush. Let's go put up my Touch-N-Brush right now. Let's just go right now and put up my Touch-N-Brush."

For whatever reasons, Rojo has adopted our upstairs laundry room sink as "his." So up went STM and up went Rojo and up went the Touch-N-Brush. Fortunately the thing is super simple (and quick) to install.

On his birthday night when I tucked him in he made me promise I'd use the Touch-N-Brush before heading off to bed myself. I promised. I promised not to forget.

"Oh good," he said, "I could cry to high heaven - pretendedly."

Simple pleasures.



pixiemama said...

Thank! God! It! Works!

Reilly swooned for the bubble rocket from Gazillion Bubbles because he saw it on TV. I coughed up nearly $25 to buy the rocket and extra bubbles, and it.sucked. He was devastated, I was ticked off at the amount I had spent for nothing, and then, THEN, he decided he was so ticked off that he knocked over the $10 bottle of bubbles I had assumed it would require. OMG. And complained that his birthday presents were disappointing (even though he got so much space gear he loved, including a new ceiling-mounted solar system). Sigh.

Love that Rojo loves his Touch & Brush.


Suzy said...

Simply sweet boy.

Love you


Anonymous said...

Katie's toothbrush is in the kitchen, saves me some chasing around.

Rojo's kind of like me. I want to do something, try something, right now. I just don't say it out loud. I may start though:)

Wanda said...

So how was it?

This post...

almost made me cry. (Nothing new around here.)

kario said...

So? Was it worth it? Is it everything he had hoped? I've never heard of the damn thing and now I have to go look it up...

Nothing 'simple' about that boy. Just glorious, pure golden light.

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome! Love him!

Angie Ledbetter said...

It's the name. Touch & Brush. Now I have an earworm. Now I want one too.

What other Mom would make sure he got his treasure? Nope, not too many others.

Nancy said...

Rojo is love, pure and simple.

Deb Shucka said...

Simple and so profound. I love his words and his heart and his mom.

Jerri said...

"I could cry to high heaven" is right next to "oh my hell of God" on my list of favorite expressions.

Simply fabulous--just like Rojo and his mom.