Friday, July 24, 2009


In the last few days Rojo has come running in from watching TV to ask me what the following words mean:

1) Mob

2) Rumble

3) Slasher

4) Bouncer

Parental Controls, anyone?

(Actually, it turns out he was only watching Slamball, but still.)


Deb Shucka said...

I'd love to know what you told him those words mean. :-)

pixiemama said...

Yikes. And I thought the dumb commercials on Nick Jr. were bad. What am I going to do when Rei's 13. Quick! Pass me a patch! Or a match! Or something!

Amber said...

I like it. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Too funny!

jess wilson said...


Wanda said...

Glad I don't do TV any more. Of course, I am culturally naive, but I'll live with that.

Full Soul Ahead! said...

Don't get me started on sports. Ugh.

Maddy said...

Ooo I'm glad you put a link on as that's a new one to me! Mike was installing the new TIVO box last night until 1 in the morning - crazy - and now this morning we have U-tube on the telly = nightmare. Mind you, we watched 'Thriller' dance sequences on the big screen and the boys were enthralled. All because when we went out to dinner [Nonna] in a local restaurant they had a live band and Leo jumped up and started was hysterical. Then Owen copied him. You could have knocked me down with a feather......bearing in mind we were thrown out of three dance classes : o

Drama Mama said...

Miss M asked me what a man-to-woman-sex-change was.

And what "ejaculate" meant.

I think I'm going to have to limit her NY Times intake again.

She said...

So, what'd ya tell him?

I don't envy having to deal with media influence on children. It's way over the top what kiddos are exposed to just on "normal" TV.

Did you ever get season 2 of IN TREATMENT?