Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm seeing 8's in my sleep. Spent the weekend looking for them.

Started on Friday when The Wonder That is Jenn took Rojo to Target during summer school time, to play a game with prices, pretend shopping and comparative pricing - all good life skills he needs to work on. Didn't expect it to ignite a new obsession, but it did.

Saturday morning found Rojo up and at 'em. "Mom? Can we go to Target and pretend shop? You will tell me to find something and I will just boom, run and find it. You will say, 'Rojo, tell me how much Crest toothpaste is,' and I will just boom, run and find it."

Sounded innocent (and cheap) enough, so I agreed.

Don't know why or when the game morphed from boom, running and finding stuff, to boom, finding prices that ended with the number 8.

Go ahead, you try it, get to your nearest Target and tell me how many you find.

Never mind, I'll spare you. Three. There are three prices that end with 8 at Target, and those are the red tagged clearance items, so keep your eyes peeled for those - and here's a hint, those are usually found on "enders."

If you're looking for 9's? Veritable bonanza. 8's? Needle. In. A. Haystack.

Love Target.

Love The Wonder that is Jenn.

Love Rojo.

Hate 8's.


pixiemama said...

Come to our Target! We have lots of clearance and lots of 8s.

Anonymous said...

i can't hate eights with you. sorry, but they're just so darned symmetrical and round. a little chunky, comfie looking. like a zero with a belt.

but jenn? rojo? you? love, love and LOVE.

Jerri said...

Eight is a lovely number--I was born on May 8. Wouldn't want to look for it at the end of prices, though. Not plentiful.

Wanda said...

Being an enneagram 8, I am rather fond of the number. However, if I had spent the day at Target looking for the prices ending in them? Not. So. Much.

Full Soul Ahead! said...

Hmm. This sounds like a "Daddy" game. Off you two boys go, STM.

Anonymous said...

your blog is the highlight of my morning.

kario said...

Hmm, the number 8.
Infinity sign.

There's something here...I just know it.

Lola said...

Are they 'crazy' 8's?:):)

Amber said...

8's are lucky! They mean money. They say if you put an 8 in your wallet, it will bring money. maybe R is on to something. ;)


Go Mama said...

The great thing about 8's is if you turn 'em sideways they make infinity.

Nancy said...

Could Red Eights be a sequel to Blue Twos?

Deb Shucka said...

Laughing out loud here!

Go Mama said...

eh hem...
Just was at a WalMart.
Crazy 8's in spades!