Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm a hare. There. I said it. I am one speedy, quick, go, go kinda gal. I derive immense pleasure from accomplishing huge amounts of tasks, in little time. And, if they all get done "good enough," that's good enough for me. A perfectionist, I am not. There are plenty of times my work is half-assed, at best.

As I continue to "do my work," I see that while society praises those of us that are highly efficient/productive, our souls do not. Our souls need stillness.

My favorite Bible verse has always been, "Be still, and know that I am God." While it's been my favorite, it's application has alluded me. Being "still" has always felt like a luxury, and one I couldn't afford. Maybe when I retired. Maybe when I got through the "To Do" list. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Recently a fellow writer asked me to help her become more succinct. I've been told I can be quite economical, "cheap" even, with words. I told her she didn't have the proper training.

I grew up in a house with a father that was nearly deaf. For him to hear you, you had to make sure he was looking at you, articulate your words very carefully for him to read your lips, and yell.

My mother had "attentional" deficits, to say the least. If you wanted her to listen, you better make it quick and get to the point. Immediately.

I find myself married to, and mothering, three humans that have diagnosed attentional/communication/language processing disorders.

I know how to get to the point.

What I don't know, is how to meander. I do not know how to take the scenic route from A to B. I do not know how to add detail and drama to a scene, so that a reader is brought along at a reasonable pace.

I am a hare.

They say a leopard can't change his spots.

Can a hare change her speed?


La La said...

Ask me about image, moment, event, story and transformation line! You already do it in your writing, but maybe as a strategy, it could help you change your speed!

BTW, did I tell you lately that I LOVE YOU? Did I? Did I?

And, VERY SOON, I'll post about Thomas Keating and centering prayer because it is all based on your favorite Bible verse. I'm going to my centering prayer group tonight!

Jerri said...

Don't know much about hares, but you, my dear, can do any damn thing you decide to do.

lo said...


holly said...

I am the tortoise. My process is slow and meandering, and recently I realized despite all evidence to the contrary, I am a perfectionist.

Can a leopard change her speed. I've been struggling with the same question. And I keep coming back to, my process is my process. I'm doing the best I can and I believe that in accepting that, rather than fighting it, it frees me to succeed.

All good things in all good time.

Kim said...

Although I have absolutely no idea what may have inspired this post (ahem), I must say that I ADORE you precisely as the hare you are. It may be tough times that have brought you to this economy of words, but that makes it no less of an incredibly valuable and honestly wonderful skill. Both for you and your readers. This is coming from a person who struggles with this all the time (note the length of this comment!).

But you know how it is with writing these damn books. Anything but that, right? You CAN do it--just like I CAN write succinctly--it just ain't easy. But like stillness, it is SO worth it!

You are the best CP!

riversgrace said...

"What I don't know, is how to meander. I do not know how to take the scenic route from A to B."

Just hang out with me....but watch out for the rabbit holes!


riversgrace said...

I mean that in the best possible way!

Rabbit holes are good.

Jenny said...

You are so funny.

I love that bible verse too - had it painted on a piece of art to hang in the retreat home.

Jess said...

Good question. While we all ponder that, maybe I could learn something about speeding up and being less of a perfectionist. My to do list is long. But I know how to be still (sort of).

Terry Whitaker said...

AMEN, Sister! Amen. I have been wondering over the past few months whether one can actually be "in the moment" while triple-multi-tasking.

practice...grasshopper (I mean leopard)

Anonymous said...

I think a hare can slow down, in fact I think if the hare can't learn to slow down, to sit and listen to what it is the universe is trying to tell her, the universe will
work it so that the hare has no choice but to sit down and listen.

I'm a hare as well. But I need to listen now. I need to sit still and wait for what I know is an answer. It's just so damned hard to do, especially when
my old habit has been to go, go, go. But I'm trying.

Good luck Carrie.

Take care, Deb

Deb said...

Even hares need rest, and maybe those are the times you are still and know god. The rest of the time you just trust that you are the perfect you and the rest of us need you to be nothing more nor less. Our very own Carrie who is love.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Ah Carrie. Embrace that inner hare. She has served you well. And, like the hare in the race, you have remembered to take time off to rest and not to take the race too seriously.
LOVE that about you!