Friday, May 30, 2008


"Getting the pink" is an expression my friend, Kathleen, uses. I think I've blogged about it before.

"She's not getting enough pink," she'll say when one of her three daughters is acting needy.

"Oh, she's FINE! She's had PLENTY of pink lately!" she'll say when one of her girls complains and she doesn't feel her complaints are legit.

"___________ is just upset because ________________ is getting all the pink," she might say when one girl is jealous of another.

"I called ______________ today, gave her some pink," she'll say.

You get the idea.


We're all after "it." Attention. Recognition. Time. Reassurance.

There is a Buddhist practice called Chod. Chod means "cutting through." Cutting through ego, fear, attachment.

I think "cutting through" might be the end of the need for pink.

The quest for "enough" is what I find to be the source of my struggles. Of course, "enough" is completely a moving target and subjective, even from moment to moment, thus, the perpetual suffering! For me, it's like sinking in quicksand. And, although I've never actually stepped in quicksand, my understanding is that the more you struggle and flail around, the quicker you sink.

Struggle and Scarcity seem to be BFFs.

I'm breaking those two up.

Their run in my life has been long, and gotten top billing.

There are some new kids on the block: Acceptance and Gratitude.

Can't wait to see their act. At the very least, it will be fresh and inspired!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the pink already.

La La said...

Well, I'm sending you the PINK while Acceptance and Gratitude get settled in, although from what I know about you, A and G are old, tried and true friends of yours.

I'm going away for the weekend to fill up my PINK. Does it work that way???

Do Acceptance and Gratitude DO the cutting through for us when we invite them to our table, or is that something we still need to "struggle" with? Just wondering.

Go Mama said...

Here's to the new kids on the block. As they move in, the vibe on the street can't help but change.

Sue Lawshe said...

Love the concept of banishing struggle and scarcity in favor of acceptance and gratitude. I've been 'struggling' with these concepts myself lately. Actually, the new kid on my block this past year, who I've been trying to get to know, is surrender -- to a universal will stgronger than my own; to what is, so that I can move beyond it. I can't say we're close friends yet, but I'm trying. I wonder -- do you see surrender as part of acceptance, or the other way around? Is is part of Chod?

holly said...

Acceptance and gratitude - I'm getting to know those two better myself.

Sue said...

Thanks for giving me some pink yesterday!

grammer said...

"Link" rhymes with "pink."
What of it? xo t

riversgrace said...

Wise you are. Love this post.