Wednesday, May 07, 2008


10. Preparing the event at my house in 3 hours.
9. Preparing for the event at my house Friday.
8. Preparing for the event that occurs WHILE I'm having an event at my house Friday, of which I cannot attend, but am fully in charge of, anyway.
7. Prepare for Mother's Day.
6. Prepare for the birthday party at my house on Saturday.
5. Prepare for 8 things I'm in charge of making sure happen for my daughter's 8th grade graduation.
4. Find drivers for the two field trips that I still haven't found drivers for, and for which I am unable to squeeze all 27 students into my own car, no matter how long I procrastinate.
3. Shop for all the graduates and teachers (8 each).
2. Everything that already needs to be done around here under "normal" conditions.
1. Scheduling a trip to "The Betty."


10. Downloading songs from i-Tunes
9. Making pretty covers for all the new mixes I'm making on i-Tunes
8. Buying a new scanner because I don't want to ask to borrow someone's.
7. Checking Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity for the best prices on a trip I can't afford to take.
6. Checking my e-mail.
5. Cleaning my closet.
4. Shopping all over town for a "singing bowl" because I've always wanted one, and decided NOW was the time I must have one.
3. Re-arranging the furniture in the living room (again).
2. Organizing my receipts.
1. Writing this blog.


Anonymous said...

Jesus h Keyrist....I read number 9 as recipes and thought to myself well that won't take long. Just tell the school you've decided to quit and they won't have to pay you for the "work' you haven't which is probably the same amount for all the work you've done throughout the years.
Get to the recipes they are way more fun than receipts which are total reminders of unnecessary things purchased with insufficient funds.

grammer said...

...and the beautiful thing is, it'll all get done -- or it won't! -- but somehow, it'll all be fine.


Anonymous said...

I far prefer list #2 to list #1 which is why I am reading blogs and drinking coffee instead of doing my day job or all the things needed for the project work I have taken on to do "in my spare time". Apparently sleep, showering and bill paying are also activities for my spare time, which is why I never have any.

I am so with you!

Anonymous said...

Avoiding what you don't want to do? My house is never cleaner than when I am faced with unpleasant tasks.

And good luck.

Jerri said...

Love your lists. Love you.

lo said...

YOU are so ME in this post!
I am laughing out loud big time!
I needed that!!!!!!!!!

kkgurl said...

got to "relax" before doing all that hard junk, which all sounds like so much fun!

La La said...

You crack me up, woman! Pissing away time AGAIN! I love it! I actually laughed out loud when I got to the second list! REALLY. OUT. LOUD.

I HAVE 180 ESSAYS TO READ! Here's what I'm actually doing: Lying on the couch, computer on my lap, reading BLOGS and contemplating a nap which (if I take it) will keep me up all night long! But I'm so very sleepy right this minute.

Love you.

paul maurice martin said...

I think either way it's the same multitasking credits...

Drama Mama said...

Dude. I want one of your iTunes mixes.

I dunno, after the first list...number two is definitely more preferable.

Jess said...

Great lists, perfect. And, excuse me, YOU should NOT be preparing for Mother's Day. Whose job is that??

Perry said...

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