Sunday, May 04, 2008


Some people climb mountains. I don't. I don't need to don equipment, face the elements and scale the side of large, natural wonders to feel as though I'm proving something to myself.

Tonight, the Links, all four of us plus a friend of Woohoo's, went out to dinner.




Yes, the restaurant had a big screen TV with sports playing on it.

Yes, the restaurant had video games.

Yes, the restaurant served nothing fancier than hamburgers and French fries.

But, to put this large scale event into perspective for you, this is the first time, in 11 years, 10 months, that the four of us have even TRIED this!

My husband said about 4:00 O'Clock today, "I have a crazy idea. Let's all go out for burgers. Rojo can have a vanilla milkshake (his newest craze). What do you think?"

First I called the restaurant to make sure they served vanilla milkshakes, then I agreed.

As STM raised his glass of cheap, red wine and clinked it against my pint of Hefeweizen, all three kids happily plugging the machine with our quarters, I said, "You know? Even if this table catches on fire five minutes from now and we all have to run screaming from the building, I'm going to go ahead and declare this a HUGE success."

He agreed.

Some people climb mountains.

Today we reached our summit.


Amber said...

Mmmmmm Hefeweizen. Yum.


Jenny said...


Kim said...

HOORAY!! I love that photo, love the vanilla milkshake, love the way you declared it a success right away, no matter what happened next, love everything about this monumental event!

Jerri said...

And you celebrated together. That's huge, Carrie.

Great that you two had a few moments to "drink in the moment."


Anonymous said...

Some of the hardest mountains to climb are right in our own home. This is a huge success, on so many levels. I am happy that you had the experience but mostly I am thrilled that you could "see" the process of the climb. Keep enjoying the view, it is a sweet and beautiful thing.

Kathryn said...

Wow. Another big moment to celebrate.

Drama Mama said...


I know those mountains.

I'm so happy for you. All of you.

Anonymous said...

A vanilla shake over bottled water is truly reaching the summit.
Remember descending is every bit as challenging as ascending, but the thrill of the adventure is the rush. Keep climbing. Here's to many more shakes. You know all kinds of shakes.

lo said...

I feel chills reading this:)
Now i must go get me a milkshake or er um a beer!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome Carrie!

Great idea STM.

Terry Whitaker said...

You painted the glorious picture.

La La said...

WOW! Yay for "mountain climbing" -- Yay for your family's successful climb to the summit!

Yay for burgers and shakes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome, Carrie -- I hope you do it again soon!

riversgrace said...

Ok, I completely burst into tears! God, hallelujah!

Jess said...

Wonderful!! Congrats!!