Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So Rojo is in the bathtub tonight, and we're trying to get him to do the whole thing himself.

He calls me in, "Mom! I'm done! I washed my body! I washed my hair!" And sure enough, he's fully lathered when I get there.

"OK, we need to rinse you off with clean water, " I say, grabbing the small pail and turning on the tap.

"Please let me do it? Please let me pour water on my own head!"

"OK," I say, handing him the first filled bucket.

"Wait. I'm not ready. I need to pray."

Eyes lowered, head bowed, he says, "Dear Lord, please make the water not hot, please make the water not hot, please make the water not hot." Then, crossing himself he says, "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen."

He grabs the bucket from my hands, dumps it on his head and says, "My prayers have been answered!"

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Amber said...

Oh holy crap. You are killing me with cute!


shauna said...

That's great! My son prays every night, "Please let me not have bad dreams" and says it three times too. I tell him God will hear him if he only says it once, but he keeps saying exactly that same thing every night. Kids are fabulous!

Terry Whitaker said...

He's rich! Truly.

La La said...

I'm with Amber. Too cute for words.

He is so PURE!

Anonymous said...

That's one expressive clean kid.

Jess said...

That is awesome. Thank you. If only we could all have our prayers answers so easily. We just need a reality check from Rojo.

Anonymous said...

Your world is so rich Carrie. You see the beauty and pure love that is all around you. Rojo is so sweet. He has a lot of wisdom in his ways. Thank you for sharing this.

Michelle O'Neil said...

: )

He is so sweet. So very, very sweet.

Jerri said...

Rojo's magic is that he asks for what he wants and wants what he has.

We should all be so grateful for our blessings.

marge said...

I love this Carrie. It put such a big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing it.

kario said...

Love those prayers that are simple and exact. Didn't your astrology reading have something to do with that?


Nancy said...

Rojo teaches us to be grateful for answered prayers! A wise teacher he is!