Monday, January 15, 2007


Four of us have a meditation practice going, one week only, same time every day, two on the West Coast, two on the East. We're each to meditate on the same thing, then e-mail each other with what "came up" for us.

I am flunking meditation.

Everyone has better meditations than me.

The others are mystical, three dimensional, vivid, and oh so impressive.

I am flunking meditation.

"That's OK," I tell myself, "I meditate while I write. Yea, that's it, my writing is my meditation."

Only not so much. Pretty much doing 10 other things when I write, meditating not being one of them.

"Well, I meditate when I sweep, vacuum, iron, all those repetitive and mindless housekeeping jobs."

Sure, that would work, but that's when I catch up on the phone calls.

"Sleeping is my meditation."

I'll go with that. It's all I've got.


Prema said...

Your life right now, meditation in action. Yes?

Suzy said...

Prema is right....You meditate with your eyes open my friend.

Jenny Rough said...

I've always sworn that the hardest part of yoga is shavasana - the meditation part.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh Dear.

Tap the puppy.

Well, maybe tap is a bad choice of word?

jennifer said...

Spend a little time on the "judging myself harshly" mediation, missy. Signed, Bossy Boots

Kim said...

I love that comment--your life is meditation (and inspiration) in action!

kario said...

The only way I can meditate is with a guide who speaks calmly so I don't lose my focus. The only thing that comes of my meditation is calm. I used to worry about having something "come to me", but now I just look for the peace.