Friday, January 19, 2007


My friend, Red, has a new blog! If you like funny and incredible women, you'll like Red. If you like to cook, you'll REALLY like Red. If you're like me, you can love Red, but hate to cook, and still love the blog!

Check it out! Red Hot Mama Cooks at:

Think Martha meets Lucy, and you'll have Red!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Welcome to the bloggy world Red.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gracious, Carrie--I feel so honored! A cross between Martha and Lucy--LOVE THAT! What's pretty funny is that my husband looks just like Ricky, and when I'm in trouble, which is a LOT, he says, "LUCYYYYYYY"!
Now, I'd better get to working on that blog, so as not to let y'all down!

Anonymous said...

WOW--thanks so much, Carrie! I love that you have me as a cross between Lucy and Martha--when I am in trouble with my husband, which is all the time--he calls me ,"Luuuuccyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
Now, I'd better get ta bloggin'--the pressure!
love ya, RED