Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm devoting this weekend to hermit-like behavior. I must. I am a sponge, porous, absorbant, but capable of reaching a saturation point. I've reached that saturation point. I am saturated. One more drop of anything and I will explode from overload.

The telephones, Internet, TVs, humans, noisy, noisy, noisy. Demanding, needy, requiring responses from me round-the-clock. Enough.

"When the voice on the inside is louder than the voices on the outside, you've mastered your life," I've heard. ALL I can hear are the voices on the outside. Loud, offensive, disonant. The voice on the inside rendered mute.

"I can't even hear myself think," my mom used to complain. If she couldn't hear herself think in a quiet house, no cell phone, no Internet, no career, how do I think for one minute I can do it? I can't. Period.

So, dear friends and family. I'll re-emerge when I can hear myself think. Promise. Until then, may you all be able to hear your own voice. I wish that for you.


Jerri said...

When you're ready, we'll be here, waiting to hear your lovely voice again.

Blessings. Peace. love.

jennifer said...

That's great, love that, you go hermit in your cave...but remember...the bat line is always open!

Jenny Rough said...

Enjoy life "unplugged." It's always nice to quiet down for awhile.