Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have an addictive personality. There, I said it.

I am easily influenced by others. True confession.

"Get a Mac," she bossed. I bought a Mac.

"Bubbly water is what you need to be drinking," I started buying it by the case.

"Use 'Mail' on your Mac, then when you're doing anything else, you'll know right away when you get a new message." I obsessively and compulsively check each message as it comes through, allowing my concentration to be broken 50-60 times a day. Cuckoo.

When my kids and husband are home it's non-stop interruptions. When they are gone, it's non-stop interruptions.

The other day I had the big bottle of Pellegrino on my desk, a glass, my coffee mug, cold pizza, had everything going at once until a too-strong tug on the stale pizza caused my hand to whip back, knock over the Pellegrino, and spill it all over the relatively new Mac.

Plugs were pulled, battery removed, towels and hairdryers were put to good use.

Nothing. The Mac wouldn't turn on.

I got my crazy friends to hold vigil, called on the Virgin Mary, even, totally prayed for this life to be saved.

Of course I had not properly "backed up," and my life was in that contraption. That contraption with zero signs of life.

"If only you'll dry out and turn on, Mac, I swear I'll change! I swear I'll use my thumb drive! I swear I won't ever mistreat you again! Please! I'm at your mercy! PLEASE!"

Well, happy, happy. The Mac dried out. My files were saved. The battery is shot, but that's easily replaced. The important thing to remember here, Kids, is no matter what they try to tell you. Water is bad for you AND computers.


JessPDX said...

Wow, scary story!

A friend of mine spilled coffee on her laptop a few years back and it died, no saving it. Back-up your stuff!! And try not to drink anything too close to your computer (OK, this one is probably too hard, especially when your name is Fully Caffeinated).

Macs are the best though.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Glad you are all dried out! I'm feeling a little guilty since about 30 of those 50-60 e-mails a day are probably from me!


jennifer said...

Funny, funny, funny!

holly said...

you're so funny.

i have my fingers crossed over here. i moved furniture yesterday and when i set the computer back up... nothing.. hoping it's just the monitor ... haven't backed up my stuff in three months ...

glad the drier did the trick

maybe sippy cups?

Prema said...

I know a guy who saved not one of my totally crashed computers...but two. I have his number (and he lives in Portland!) I still don't back up. Go figure.

Jerri said...

I've got the Pellegrino monkey on MY back, too! The garage is FULL of those lovely green bottles even as we speak. Planning to break them, tumble the bits in a rock tumbler, and then make mosaics with the resulting sea-glass-looking stuff. Okay, okay, I'm a bit obsessive.

Anyway: water's good for you. Macs are great. Just not together.

WooooHooo for the drying out!

Huh! Drying out's good for Macs, bad for women. Go figure!

Jenny Rough said...

Once I spilled milk all over my computer -- right before final exams in law school. Oh I was a big mess, but it all turned out fine. Glad it did for you too!