Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Wow. Not enough can be made of these two incredible movies. Add "The Secret" and you've got all the material you'll ever need to fully blow your mind and possibly, achieve enlighentment. Just saying...

Both movies came highly recommended from people I highly recommend. Still, took me forever and a day to "get around to it" and watch them. SO glad I did. You will be too.

The quote that's left me shaking is this:

"It all starts with consciousness.
Our thoughts produce our words.
Our words produce our actions.
Our actions produce our habits.
Our habits produce our character
Our character produces our culture."

Both movies operate under the premise that we are one. No duality. Our thoughts can change us. Our thoughts can change others. Our thoughts can do anything.

Gotta go give all this some more thought...



Michelle O'Neil said...

Loved Bleep. LOVED The Secret. Where do we find the new One?

Ziji Wangmo said...

Great Movies! I loved them both and actually bought the Secret. There is so much to consider....there are so many possibilities, if only we could see them.