Saturday, June 13, 2009


One thing my psyche has been working on during all these hours of sleep, is the "Never give up" philosophy, versus the concept that enlightenment comes at the END of desire, therefore, quit wanting, quit needing, quit hoping, quit never giving up-ing. Accept. Move on. Let go.

Been listening to Meg Hutchinson again a lot lately, particularly her song, "Come Up Full." Two stanzas stick out:

"So go drag your boat to the water
Just when you swear it off those nets are gonna
Come up full"

Making me think: See? It's when you swear it off. When you "give up," that you catch something in your "net."

And this one:

"At night the fire replaces the sun
Just as one good dream’s replaced by another one"

Could the holding on tightly to one dream, keep it from being replaced by another, perhaps un-dreamed dream?

I don't know, but that's the way I'm leaning.

(To hear Meg sing "Come Up Full," click here.)

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Cheryl said...

I've always struggled with the "you must have goals and work hard" vs. "let it be/let it go/thy will be done" thing.

And lately, I've settled more in with the "let it be" concept. Which is totally not what we're taught in this society.

Marianne Williamson said something that's interesting, "You can't get it until you have it. Sorry."

And I think that's right. Instead of seeking for something to fill us/fulfill us, we have to BE what we are seeking. And once we ARE it, it will come to us freely.

So, maybe it's not about striving, it's about being. And giving 100% to whatever we are doing, whether it's writing or washing dishes.

Wanda said...

Yeah. Who knows what we might be missing? Or not. Coming up full sounds lovely.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Good question.

Anonymous said...

Could the holding on tightly to one dream, keep it from being replaced by another, perhaps un-dreamed dream?

Wow, that is something for me to really think about. I have s many dreams...

Michelle O'Neil said...

"Could the holding on tightly to one dream, keep it from being replaced by another, perhaps un-dreamed dream?"



kario said...

That whole goal-oriented mindset is really a bit of a trap, isn't it? Especially for those of us Type A people who love to cross things off our list.

Thanks for the insight.

Amber said...

Man, I have had this on my mind for-- well it seems for forever... I am a "never give up person". And I mean, if I were NOT, where would I be? Probably just like my parents. I could never STAND that about them, how they just seemed to sit around WAITing for life to happen TO them, and all pissed off that things were so unfair. And when I worked in social work, I felt like nothing could be done for "my kids", as long as people just seems fine with what was...I used my passion and my drive. I honor my drive! I think it is a calling, for many. Look at all these amazing mothers (like you) who work for something better for their children? I love that about people, and I often disdain when it is lacking.

So is that the same thing, I wonder? Because at the same time, it seems God never tires of teaching me that sometimes I tend to BANG MY HEAD for to long...and JUST LETTING GO is the only way to move on to what has been planned for me all along! Something better. Or some lesson I was OBVIOUSLY meant to embrace. And the RELIEF sometimes! Oh, the blessed relief in letting go...*sigh*

So are we meant to find the balance, do you think? Maybe it is so. I think it is so. When we let go, and let be...we can see more clearly what is worth banging our heads about, maybe.

ox :)

Deb Shucka said...

You can always trust that inner leaning. Always.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I love what you said about the un-dreamed dreams. I need to remember to let mine surface.

Jess said...

Thanks, well said. By Meg and by you.

She said...

I love Meg, thanks to you! Great song.