Friday, October 24, 2008


So, yesterday I got pulled over, literally, as I was driving. A friend flagged me down. She needed to vent about some OUTRAGEOUS comment a teacher had made, in front of students, which disparaged special education students.

Then I got myself back on the road and met with two women from another school, and listened as they poured out their frustrations with the ways their children with learning differences are being treated, or should I say, mistreated.

Last week I met with two different moms, each wanting to "pick my brain" about their child's special learning needs.

Few days ago I got a phone call from someone needing a sounding board.

Struggled with myself each time, Am I just using these meetings to distract myself from writing? (A favorite technique of mine.) Or, is the Universe trying to tell me something? Maybe writing is NOT what is most important now, maybe I'm using the WRITING, to distract myself from what I REALLY need to be doing.

Day before yesterday I had a really great HDR (heavy, deep and real) with a friend about “luck,” “blessings,” karma and such. We were talking about our wildly different backgrounds, the way we were parented, the way we parent, our expectations for how life should be, all that, and we came back around to no accidents. She has her experiences so she can do her ministry/gig/”thing,” and I have mine for the very same, yet different reasons.

There's a reason I have this exact skill set.

There's a reason doors aren't opening for the writing, at least for now.

There's a reason opportunities to advocate are falling like pennies from heaven.


I’m an advocate.

Didn’t set out to be an advocate.

Don’t necessarily WANT to be an advocate.

Don’t have business cards, yet everyone seems to know how to find me.

But it’s like they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans."

Yea. It's a lot like that.


Suzy said...

How about an advocate who writes?

Seems to me that writing can reach many people.

Merge your two incredible talents.

Love you


riversgrace said...

Yes, an all-around amazing woman who channels her vision in a two-fold path.

All for it.

Michelle O'Neil said...

It's all cooking along Carrie. You know it is. Keep the faith.


1933margaret said...

An advocate is what is needed for right now and maybe for a long time. I can't think of a more honorable thing to do. You have a gift and god wants you to use it.

kario said...

Makes sense to me that you can do both at the same time. You do move at the speed of light, you know ;-).


Amber said...

Have you ever read "Sacred Contracts"? You need to. And you need to read about the Advocate. And you should get the cards, and make a wheel, too. Yeah. Do it! It will makes things so clear, I swear.


Anonymous said...

Love this.