Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Rojo has two friends in the backyard with him right now. I've got all the windows open so I can hear their conversations, which is proving entertaining, delightful, and heartening.

These two boys are relatively new in Rojo's life. One just came to his school last year, the other is new this year. Each year that Rojo gets older, and new people join the fold, we hold our breath hoping the culture of acceptance that surrounds him, will withstand the new influences.

Last year four new boys moved into the class that's been together since kindergarten. Four new boys quickly wormed their way into Rojo's heart, and he, theirs.

This year, 6th grade, three new boys were added to the mix. It's only October 1st, and check, check, check, all three are in, in, in.

Rojo's out there telling them, "We're not going to use bad words anymore. We're going to just say 'blank,' instead. Like instead of saying poop stain, we're going to say blank stain. Get it? You try it."

They get it.

They're out there saying blank more times than Carter's got pills.

One "slipped."

"I guess you forgot," Rojo gently reminds, "we aren't saying bad words. We're saying 'blank,' instead."

The kid says, "I didn't forget! I didn't say a bad word!"

"You said, 'dumb,' dumb is a bad word. Don't be a blank. Don't say a bad word like dumb. Promise you won't be a blank. Promise you won't say bad words like that anymore."

They promised.

I promise to go to all their graduations from grade school, high school and college.

I promise to come to their weddings, their children's baptisms, and every other time of celebration in their lives.

I promise not to forget.


Michelle O'Neil said...

He's blanking irresistable.

Angie Ledbetter said...

What a blankety blanking good post!

Lola said...

What a blanking great post damn it!

An Imperfect Perfection said...

May God bless them all!!!

Joanne said...

At all their celebrations, you will have a blank good time.

Marlies said...

What a blanking smart Guy.

kario said...

Thank goodness I'm not "in" because I like my bad words, *&#$@!

You guys never fail to make me smile. Each and every blanking one of you!

Jenny said...

Oh, Carrie. Thanks for another great post. So touching and so funny.

Suzy said...

Blanking A!!!!

Jamie said...

So awesome! I love reading your posts! They always make my heart swell!

Kathryn said...

Love that Rojo, et. al.

Jerri said...

This is in the book, right?

She said...

WTB? I'm going to text that to you! I wanted to warn you here so you remember what it means! : )

I NEED to meet Rojo!

Hey, it's our one year anniversary soon!

courtneywrites said...

Can we start a Rojo fan club?

Amber said...


...I was going to say that was blanking brilliant.


Terry said...