Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's been a week. I've had to dust off my warrior hat and do some fighting for both my kids. Seems like every e-mail or phone call relayed bad news: death, cancer, INS detention, on and on and on some more.

Yesterday Kathleen and I were walking and we passed a dead squirrel. "Looks like it fell from the tree," she noticed. Within a block we saw another squirrel, another apparent bad climber. "That's number two," I said with a tone that implied I gloomily thought one more was on its way.

Got home, showered, went to the computer, and saw out my window number three, being picked to pieces by crows. Perfect I thought. I fired off an e-mail to her, "Just saw #3."

My black cloud and mood followed me throughout the day, as they have all week.

Watching Rojo's NBA game in the living room last night (Pistons vs. Lakers), he stopped the game abruptly and looked at me with his best ear-to-ear.

"Are you going to make a list?" he asked.

"A list?" I said.

"A happy list? Not a trouble list?"

"Good idea," I said.

He finished the game.

I'm letting my cloud and mood be finished, too.


Angie Ledbetter said...

wow! Rojo seems blessed with great intuition. ;)

Joanne said...

"I'm letting my cloud and mood be finished." Great way to start your happy list!

Drama Mama said...



Michelle O'Neil said...

Yes, making a list of positive aspects always turns things around.

Rojo is genius.

Kathryn said...

He really has it, you know? I'm doing my happy list today, too; I really need it right now.

Maddy said...

I think we often forget that we're just as susceptible ourselves. Great timing Rojo.

Deb said...

Dead squirrels and INS detention?! Weird life you're living right now. Thank God for Rojo to put things into perspective.Thank God for you to tell us your great stories.

Nancy said...

Rojo is spot on s always. Gonna make me a happy list right now!

kario said...

Okay, I hereby pledge to send you at least one happy, upbeat email every week to counteract any dead squirrels you might come across.


Anonymous said...

I had a bad day yesterday, full of disappointments. I wrote them all down, all of the disappointments that have happened over the past three weeks. Four pages of disappointments! And when I was done I felt better. It always amazes me what writing does for me.

Your son rocks, but you know that.

Jerri said...

Can't comment. Now. Must go make happy list.

Thanks, Rojo. Perfect idea. Perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

What a cool kid!