Sunday, August 31, 2008


Remember the movie, "Mary Poppins," when Bert tells the kids, "The world gets their time from Greenwich. Greenwich, they say, gets their time from Admiral Boom?"

If you are wondering where Admiral Boom gets his time, it's from Rojo.

And this was a problem, because through some weird twist of fate, or Mercury in its ever lovin' retrograde, Rojo's watch was five minutes slow. The microwave, clocks, cell phones, computers, everything had one time, and he had another. There was no telling him he was less right.

"Mom! Shut your pie hole! My cuckoo clock is going to ring!" he'd say each hour at 4 minutes past the hour, instead of his previous 1 minute prior.

"Sweetie," I'd answer with nothing but love dripping from every word, "your cuckoo clock already rang! Your watch is 5 minutes slow! Can I please fix your watch to match the real time?"

"My watch is not slow! Stop saying my damn watch is five minutes slow!"

"Rojo! We need to go to summer school! Put your shoes on, it's 9:50!"

"It is NOT 9:50, Mom! Stop saying it is 9:50! My watch says 9:45! We will go when my watch says 9:50! Do not tell me to put my shoes on at 9:45!"

He had switched all three TVs to match his watch, and the TVs are the only other official source of time that interest him in even the least little bit.

I thought through each option:

1) Sneak in his room when he was asleep, take his watch and reset it, but he'd wake up and notice it didn't match the TVs, and then he'd be furious.

2) Sneak in his room when he was asleep, take his watch and reset it, also resetting the TVs, and then explain it all away in the morning as some kind of miracle that everything was synchronized.

3) Dump the whole problem on STM.

"STM," I cooed, with nothing but love dripping from every word, "Today I may very well lose my mind. Would you please get him to SET HIS DAMN WATCH TO THE CORRECT TIME??"

I woke up this morning and joined STM and Rojo, already in action in the kitchen. After at least 3 weeks of fighting with Rojo about what time it really is, he says casually, while pulling off bite-sized pieces of garlic toast and shoving them into his mouth, skinny leg crossed over skinny leg, kicking away at the wall beneath the breakfast bar, "Mom! I set my damn watch! Then I set the TVs! Everything matches! We won't be late anymore!"

"Easy," STM said, as I looked at him and wordlessly asked how he did the impossible.

"I'm so glad," I said, with nothing but love dripping from every word.


Jerri said...

I can feel the love dripping from every word!

Kapuananiokalaniakea said... pure sweet honey from the hive.

But do tell...HOW did STM do it?!

Maddy said...

Sounds like us 18 months ago [but with less words of course! = from all parties]

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful post. I am so intrigued by Rojo's obsession with time. Intrigued in an "otherworld" kind of way.

Let's talk about this.


Michelle O'Neil said...

BTW...STM? Take a bow, and an A.

kario said...

Damn that daddy mojo! I hate it that it's so easy for them, but I know that if it wasn't, they wouldn't do it and we'd be even more screwed.

Men, can't live with 'em, can't throw 'em to the lions.

Glad the universe is back in order.

a fan said...

shut your pie hole?! your kid cracks me up.

deb said...

Was that love dripping? Are you sure?

drama mama said...

He freaking kills me. Pie hole. That's MY line.

Okay. I know you're writing the book and all...but how about "Rojo - the Man, the Myth, the Legend," a sort of one-man performance art piece?

I'm not kidding.

Oh my hell of God, you need to YouTube this kid and fast.

An Imperfect Perfection said...

Amazing!!!! you crack me up....

And I can not only HEAR the love, I can FEEL the love..... :o)

Terry Whitaker said...

just beautiful

She said...

Cracking up here! Love it. Love Rojo!