Sunday, August 03, 2008


Did you guys see the movie, "Get Smart" and/or ever watch the old TV show? Well, if you answered yes to either, you know all about the series of doors Maxwell Smart goes through to get to work each day. One steal, impermeable door after another, each with its own elaborate secret for gaining entrance.

Took Woohoo to that movie a few weeks ago, and have been processing the metaphor of those doors, for life, ever since. I have such a tendency to get too far ahead of myself, to "What if..." things to death, to have things planned, and each best and worse case scenario all played out in my head, sometimes paralyzing me entirely, and certainly keeping me from "being in the now."

I'm really trying to "Get Smart Doors" my way through the various challenges and opportunities, and challenges to the opportunities, in my life. Trying. "What's the door that's right in front of me now?" I try to ask myself, "And how do I get through that?"

Remember the movie, "The Sound of Music?" Remember Maria saying, "God never shuts a door without opening a window?" As various doors "shut" behind me, I'm trying to turn around and say, "Okay, so where's the flippin' window?" Trying. So much easier to do in the dark of the theater than in the stark light of day.

I recently got an e-mail "out-of-the-blue" - which if course isn't, as there are, say it with me, no accidents! A door that I thought I had actually shut, an avenue I was unwilling to continue pursuing, turned out to open a window I hadn't thought of. Not once. In all my "what ifs" I could not possibly have envisioned the scenario that played out in reality. Remember that feeling of being painted in a corner? Turns out that right above my head was a nice egress.

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Retiredandcrazy said...

Very deep. I was once told that if the door keeps closing maybe it's not meant to be so move on.

Maddy said...

Hey! No fair! You can't just leave it that. You've gotta tell us what the opportunity

Come on now, leave the door ajar or I may have to throw a pebble at your window.

Mind you, my aim is pretty poor.

Deb said...

This is such a great metaphor and a really insightful look at how we sometimes miss the door - or window - right in front of us because we're trying so hard to see all the doors that might be out there.

Give! What's the window?

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Ditto Maddy. At least open the blinds on that darn window so we can all have a peek!

Jerri said...

Me, too.

Want to know, I mean. But I guess you'll open that door when you're ready. Or window, as the case may be.

La La said...

You are taunting us! And we love it! But you have to eventually tell us, right?

Go Mama said...

Spill it Carrie! Do tell!

Drama Mama said...

There is a bad movie with a great premise called "Sliding Doors" that examines this idea.

How about this...there are no wrong doors.