Saturday, February 23, 2008


Anyone that knows me even a little bit, knows that I have NO sense of direction. Zero. Zilch. Less than zero, really.

This has made my life a bit interesting, read recipe for disaster. If there is a wrong turn to make, I will make it. Always.

And so it is a fitting metaphor for my life, for if there is a wrong turn to make, I will also make it. Always.

Yesterday I read the quote, "Our weaknesses are our strengths, just overused." This led me to question, could ALL my strengths be my weaknesses, and my weaknesses be my actual strengths? Should I turn my thinking upside down and reexamine my life though that lens?

What if having no sense of direction is a strength? I get to see things I hadn't intended to see, go places I hadn't intended to go, do things I hadn't intended to do? Or, to take it one step further, what if my intention was what steers me, rather than a compass? I thought I intended one thing, but my true intention was another?

I'm thinking the issue is word choice. Wrong? Right? Strength? Weakness? WTF kind of words are these? They are just opinions.

The journey is in the eye of the journeyer.

There are no accidents.

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Deb said...

There is nothing accidental about you or your life dear one. You're asking great questions. Any answer that brings you peace and love is the right one.

deb said...

I'm trying so hard to let go or words like that, good, bad, right, wrong. Maybe things just are.

Eileen said...

Love this Carrie. Your writing is so captivating and after I read it I ponder for days.

Reframing and seeing the positives. Beautiful.


Suzy said...

I don't know if you can use words like "right" or "wrong" to measure the choices you've made. There may have been some that you would/could have made differently, but they are choices that have led you to the here and now, which is the most important place to be.
Seems to me you've covered lots of
different paths and the journeys they lead to. So many people cannot move at all, become like statues. You my friend have never done that.

Love you.


riversgrace said...

I'm the same way, swear. My long time friends laugh because I always make the wrong turn but because I just go with it, I also have the most interesting 'abnormal' things happen.

One way to consider it is that by 'not knowing' your direction, it opens the possibility for synchronicity to both occur and be noticed. Grace, too, I think.

It's all about reframing, isn't it. That's the key.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Nothing wrong with the way you do/did anything.

Present moment, perfect moment.


Jenny said...

I have a terrible sense of direction too. I like your thoughts here.

courtneywrites said...

Great post -- I so relate, and you really made me think. I too have NO sense of direction, and a near-pathological fear of getting lost. I need someone in the car with me, or I won't drive unless I know EXACTLY where I'm going. I have nightmares about it. I can't figure out where it comes from. My parents are great with directions. Isn't that type of thing inherited?

At least I live in New York -- I don't have to drive much and everything is on a grid and numbered. Sometimes I get out of the subway all turned around and it takes me a couple blocks to right myself, but overall it's a good place for me to live!

marge said...

Carrie you make me Laugh so hard. It's perfectly alright to take little sight seeing tours. I take them all the time and end up seeing and experiencing all different kinds of things.
Love you.

Robin said...

I love this quote. Where is it from? My friend and I have always used, "Your strength is also your handicap." I like the way your quote is similar but stated from a positive direction.