Friday, February 15, 2008


I was given a very special birthday/Valentine's day gift this year. On Monday, when I went through "attunement" for Reiki, the Reiki master did something around my heart chakra that I'm still feeling, four days, and some heart break later.

Go ahead and call me E.T. My heart light is turned on. There is a warmth, almost like a sunburn, radiating from the center of my upper torso. I love it. It is a constant reminder that I have a heart, much bigger than my mind, the one that wants to nurse grudges and lick old wounds. My heart wants to open bigger and bigger and burst from the shackles the mind imposes.

Didn't someone famous and wise once say, "The best revenge is a life well
lived?" Besides, a heart that is soft and expansive is impossible to truly "break," bruise maybe, but not break.

SING it, Neil!

HEARTLIGHT, by Neil Diamond
Turn on your heartlight
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see


Kathryn said...

Carrie, please continue to share about your Reiki journey. I can tell you first hand that distance learnign works - mind is non-local. Check out Elizabeth Stratton at "Touching Spirit." She helped me a great deal at one time in my life.

Deb said...

You are a wise woman with a huge heart. I'm so glad to hear that you are taking such good care of it as you embark on a new year of being Carrie. Much love to you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful Carrie.

Wide open beautiful.

45 will be a great year.


Jerri said...

Heart wide open, friend. Best way to live. Best way to learn.

Here's to 45!

Suzy said...

"Besides, a heart that is soft and expansive is impossible to truly "break," bruise maybe, but not break."
But yet flexible....

That's you my friend...

Love you.


Anonymous said...

When the heart center is fully open it becomes the channel for universal love. Need I say more? This is you, 100%.
Love, love and more love.

Jenny said...

Carrie, you are one of the biggest hearts I know.

Drama Mama said...

What a birthday.

Here. I'm holding my hand up to my screen. Can you pass some of what you have to me? I want it.

I love this. I had something similar done and cried for three days.

So cleansing.

Maddy said...

Now those are wise words indeed.
Thank you

shauna said...

Sounds fabulous! I'm excited about your journey--thanks for taking us along...

Molly said...

This Reiki stuff is so interesting. I'll be back for more. Maybe even for some of that long distance healing!
There's a saying in Ireland when a child has a talent similar to one their parent has "she didn't lick that up off the ground!"