Friday, February 01, 2008

Part 3 of 5

The third rule is NO POWER PLAYS

This one is so obvious, yet so insidious. When people are cooperating, one does not seek power over another. Easy peasy?

That means no:

* Pouting

* Silent treatments

* Screaming

* Shaming

* Threatening

* Insults (however cloaked as a "joke")

* Physical assault

* Arguing

* Lying

* Manipulation (includes having something "on" someone, air of superiority or inferiority, not believing yourself to be equal

* VICTIM MENTALITY (my personal favorite) which has you in agreement with some one/thing/situation in which you can always be the wounded one, and thus wield your poor pitiful self in an effort to gain sympathy/pity/attention

This is a TOUGHIE because power plays are everywhere and socially/familially acceptable (or at least customary)

* Tomorrow: Rule #4!

** Ruth King quote of the day: "When you are shocked by something, it is because it is coming up against a deep assumption." This one has me whirling with "aha!" How about you?


deb said...

This is hard. I do many of these, usually without thinking. Time to think obviously.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Yes, Ruth's quote had my "ahas' flying.

The power plays thing is a biggie. As a parent, it is something that really needs to be watched because it's so easy to cross the line.

La La said...

Yep. This is a hard one. I think some de-programing is in order.