Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm about to turn 45. Somehow that seems so much older than 44, it's so officially half of 90.

I'm finding myself nostalgic. I'm trying to recall the good points of my childhood, and when I go down that lane, these are the toys that spring to mind. I was lost, LOST in my imagination when playing with these. I didn't know where I was or what was happening in the world around me. Heaven. Escape. Some of my favorite toys didn't even belong to me, I'd play with them at friend's or cousins' houses and be double lost in play.

Play. There's a word I don't use everyday. I am going to play more. Get lost in my imagination, in a good way, in a happy way, not an obsessive, depressive way.


10. Barbie Friend Ship Airplane

9. Fisher Price Barn

8. Fisher Price Castle

7. Easy Bake Oven

6. Fisher Price House

5. Mystery Date

4. Kiddles

3. The Sunshine Family

2. Crissy Doll with hair that grows!

1. Little Lost Baby with 3-Way Face


Anonymous said...

I had everyone of those toys that you listed!! Every single one, and I loved them all. I really loved the Chrissy doll and of course the farm, doll house and castle. Loved them. I need to play more too. Even when I play with the girls or with kids at school, I am just not having fun. Something wrong with that picture. Use to love to play, although, mostly creative, independent play, but still. Definately missing from my life.
Great post, but what happened to rage, I was just catching up?????

lo said...

I ADORE this post Carrie!
H E double hockey sticks yeah, play more for sure!!!!!!
I always wanted an Easy Bake....but my friend Carol had one so I did get to enjoy cake!
What a super birthday idea for you-invite a few girls over and make Easy Bake Cakes and have some 'C' coffee or Cosmo (depending on the time of day)
Happy Happy Year C!
btw let me know how the reading goes!

Anonymous said...

So there with the Chrissy doll! I also had her little sister Cinnamon, kiddles and Skididdle kiddles... which had these little roller things that went into their backs and made them kick along as they moved.

Thanks, just seeing the graphics again made me feel 8... which is how old my daughter will be on her birthday next week... I'll be sure to really play at her party.

La La said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I loved the easy bake oven and the crissy doll with hair that grows.

I don't remember much else, but I do remember playing regular checkers and chinese checkers!

Love you.

holly said...

Most of my toys, I always seemed to break or lose key pieces, or just lose interest in, really quickly.

But I LOVED the Sunshine Family, and and the Tree house they lived in! Way better than Barbie.

So glad you remember them. Most people, when I mention the Sunshine Family, have no idea what I'm talking about.

Suzy said...

Hmmmm...The Sunshine Family....

Nah, I won't go there.

Actually I like the 3 faced baby.
What were the faces?

I figure- happy and sad- what was the other one? Bored? Don't make me guess....

Great post.

I love you.


Drama Mama said...

Beautiful Crissy!!!

Nobody believe me when I describe her!!! Freakin' CINNAMON!!!


I had every single one of these toys.


When's the big day?

Aquarius. Wow. Rock on.

riversgrace said...

I always played with boys toys...I only know these because we used to blow them up! I know, not funny.

Michelle O'Neil said...

What the hell is a three-way face?

Is that like the disguises you've been talking about?

Terry Whitaker said...

Like Prema--my sisters all had these toys, and I had a pogo stick, stilts and a football.
FYI, 45 is no worse than 44--was that helpful??

Jenny said...

Wish I could come celebrate with ya - happy early birthday!

cbanducci said...

After you get over being 45, it gets better. You are a jewel!