Friday, February 22, 2008


Read a blog this morning of a mother worrying that her daughter would grow up and be alone.

My in-laws have this worry about their 51-year-old daughter.

Nobody wants to be all alone.

Nobody wants someone they love to be all alone.

We all buy into the "alone is bad" thinking.

But is it? Does alone = lonely?

Not for me.

I am never less lonely than in solitude.

I am never more lonely than in a 1-way relationship.

Today I will spend the day in utter solitude.

I will not use my voice to speak.

I will not see another human.

I will not be alone.

I will be WITH myself.


Jerri said...

Alone in the presence of another is the loneliest one can be, if you ask me.

Blessings, Carrie.

Suzy said...

"I will not be alone.

I will be WITH myself."

If you ask me, you'll be in the best company ever.



kario said...

You go, girl! Me, I'm spending the day with three girls under the age of 9, but it's sunny and glorious outside and we're baking bread and making granola.

After they go to bed, I'm looking forward to being alone.

holly said...


SOmething for me to thinlk about today.

lo said...

Sounds perfect!

Michelle O'Neil said...

You go baby!

Work it.

Being alone is ESSENTIAL, period.

Eileen said...

I love my alone time. Treasure it. Treat it like a best friend. A gift.

In my 20's I hated being alone. Was terrified of alone time. I have grown so much. I am so thankful.

Beautiful post Carrie. Enjoy your special day.

La La said...

I'm alone WAY TOO MUCH! (That's probably the part of me who has the flu talking!)

Glad you are enjoying your alone time.

shauna said...

My grandmother always told me that the person who becomes bored in their own presence is simply boring. I enjoy being alone. And quite frankly, I was never more lonely than in my failing marriage. So your title "the loneliness of togetherness" completely resonates with me.

Jenny said...

Enjoy! I love alone time.

Deb said...

May you enjoy the company of yourself and be able to hear your heart's soft voice. Much love to you.

deb said...

We are born alone and we die alone. Sometimes we live with others, all alone. I don't think it's so bad to be alone, it scares to me think that way but I also think that I'm stronger than I know.

Nancy said...

I am never less lonely than in solitude.

I am never more lonely than in a 1-way relationship.

Perfectly stated.

marge said...

Treasure my alone time.

Aaron said...

I’ve been alone in solitude with myself and my thoughts ever since my girlfriend broke it off. And you all say that being alone is great. Fucking bullshit. Sure you can get a deeper understanding of yourself but it sucks. Your still alone cause you have no one there.