Monday, March 26, 2007


1) Chris Brown - DARLING! Yes! I COULD be his mother! What's your point?

2) The whole shopaholic series! Read them ALL! OWN them all!

3) I do love me a Corona with lime!

4) Nothin' goes better with a Corona!

5) 1-Click! It should come with an automatic 12-Step program!

6) Can't make a move without checking out!

7) Nothing goes better with a Corona and nachos than a little sudoku!

8) Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2. This is such a "duh" I'm embarrassed to even mention it!

9) BTS!

10) Love everything about this show! Can't wait for Season III to come out on DVD so I can own that too! GOOD TV!


Jenny Rough said...

These are great. My mom just gave me a shopaholic book. Haven't read it yet.

Kim said...

Aahh, this post is the perfect, breezy counterpoint to that last one, which was heavy, man.

Nachos, ice cream, Grey's Anatomy...LOVE!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Who's Chris Brown? And what's Sudoku, and what does BTS mean?

Nevermind. I'm going to go crawl back under my rock.

kario said...

I know what sudoku is (and love that there are other people out there who love it, too. Whew!) and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is the best! But, I'm with Michelle, who is Chris Brown and what's BTS?

Suzy said...

This post isn't controversial enough.

Terry Whitaker said...

come into the new millennium, girls. BTS is better-than-sex and Chris Brown is the hottest ticket in the teeny-bopper market since Justin Timberlake (please don't say WHO?)

Who's got it going on... tw does.

grammer said...

Amazon's 1-Click ... almost as dangerous as I-Tunes! Lots of fun, Carrie! xo

Jerri said...

I am SO glad there are others who didn't know Chris Brown or BTS.

Geez, Carrie, you open my eyes to something new every day.

And Terry--YOU got it going on, but we knew that even before you explained life in the fast lane for us.

love to all.

jennifer said...

I'm not on this list???? WTF???

Monica said...

I haven't thought about doing this. I love it. I'm going to write down my own 10 things. What a great idea!

holly said...

where's the bunny? bunny's not on the list. WTF? - Oh, wait. You said GUILTY pleasures. No guilt with the bunny. No WAY.