Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've got my friend, Toeless in Philly visiting. She's blog worthy! Not only is she blog worthy, she has her own blog that is well worth checking out! Separation Anxieties


1. She's got 9 toes and asks for a 10% discount every time she gets a pedicure. EVERY time. No one has yet to find this funny.
2. She finds that hysterical
3. She can make any and all situations uproariously funny
4. She's the first one to laugh at herself
5. She's a "fun mom"
6. She and her husband of many years laugh all the time
7. She calls a spade a spade
8. She's loyal to a fault
9. She's a work in progress and she works the progress with abandon
10. Except for the toe thing, I'd love to be just like her


kario said...

Have a terrific time together!

Jerri said...

Have fun, you guys.

Suzy said...

Ah, the agony of "defeet"!

Although she seems able to "toe the line."

Has she ever had her car TOED????

God, I amuse myself!

I guess I should stop now.

She is a priceless gem. You are both very lucky to have each other.

Kim said...

She sounds fantastic! And I wish I worked in a nail salon just so I could be the one who found it hilarious!

Jenny Rough said...

Tell Toeless hello! That's so funny about the discount.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love Terry!

Love Carrie!

Love Terry & Carrie.

Nancy said...

One of my favorite blogs to read. Toeless is an amazing storyteller! Have a great visit!

Marlies said...


Anonymous said...

I, too, love Toeless's blog--keep on writing, Terry!

You be nice TOE her, Carrie. ha ha

Jess said...

OK, I can now officially say I love her, too. So glad to see you guys this morning!

11. She gives great free advice.

jennifer said...

Love the toeless!!!

Another OCD Boy said...

Are you all talking about my mom? She is TOEtally a fun mom. Love her very much

Another OCD Boy said...

My mom is TOEtally fun! She had a GREAT time

Monica said...

So happy to hear why you call her "Toeless." This was keeping me up. I hope you have a great visit. I have a feeling you'll be up all night drinking Coronas. Just a feeling.