Sunday, February 04, 2007


10. Wake-up early and get the Sunday paper from the front porch. Grab the "TV Click", remove the cover, staple the whole thing along the left side so now it turns like a book.

9. When Rojo wakes up, listen to him ask, "Did the TV Click come? Did you staple it like a book for me??" thirty times.

8. Listen to Rojo tell you what time to wake up. Go back to whatever it was you were trying to do, and listen to him tell you, "Do not wake me up until ___________________," twenty times. Assure him each time that you won't forget to wake him up at _______________. You promise.

7. Start the toast process. While starting the toast process ohhhh and ahhhhh all over the basketball games he's found listed in the TV Click.

6. Feign interest in the basketball games, who's playing whom, what their mascot is, and on what channel they will be. Try to remember, too, you will be quizzed endlessly on this throughout the week.

5. Tell him toast is ready. Ask him to come to the table. Listen to all the reasons why he cannot come to the table because, as you can see, he is very busy reading the TV Click.

4. Watch as he grabs the TV Click with his buttery fingers and creates greasy/newsprinty hands that are just perfect for touching every surface of the house.

3. Scream, "WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP!" Know that he won't do this and your screaming is pointless. Scream anyway. At least you feel you are doing something.

2. Get the cleaning products and start the process. You'll be done just in time for the next round of toast.

1. Each time he asks, "Who do you love, Mommykins?" answer, "I love you, Rojo, every day, all day long, my whole life," and mean it.


Jerri said...

A wise teacher once told me we can hold opposite poles at the same time.

Your story is proof of this truth. You can be at your wits end with TV Click and toast and greasy fingerprints and repetition, repetition, repetition and STILL love Rojo every day, all day long, your whole life long.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful Carrie.

You are such a good mommy.

Anonymous said...

To know him is to love him ......and who knows him better than you???????

Suzy said...


kario said...

Love you, Carrie! Love your perseverence and your acceptance.

I also love the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Who knows what kinds of toxic horrible things it has in it, but my kids just love to wet the corner of it and wipe down the walls to remove whatever nasty boogers or crayon marks they've made there "on accident". Maybe Rojo would enjoy it?

Ziji Wangmo said...

You do all of that before 7:00am? Yes, you are a Saint and a fabulous Mama. Is the TV click the Tv guide? I assume you're drinking coffee all this time, too?
Thank you for sharing - you have my undying support, every day, all day long, and for your whole life!

lisajoelle said...

I have met him, but really don't know him. I appreciate your wonderful, insightful stories about your very special young man, and learning about what a very special person, woman, wife, and mom that you are. God Bless you for all that you are and all that you do.