Monday, February 26, 2007


10. Women rock
9. Sleep is over-rated
8. Laughing is good for the body, soul and spirit
7. Crying together is better than crying alone
6. Beautiful music makes everyone feel better
5. Whatever it is you most DON'T want to write about? Write about that
4. It takes a village to raise a writer
3. Many hands make labor light
2. Slumber parties in your 40s are even more fun and sillier than in your teens
1. love.


Kim Meisner said...

One through ten, I could not possibly agree more. WOMEN WRITERS ROCK!

Prema said...

Words really cannot convey my gratitude. Rock on!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful Carrie!

Jenny Rough said...

Thanks for sharing these - they're great.

Catbird Scout said...

Your list is perfect, as was the weekend. Thank you from a woman reborn and sober in love for the first time.

Jess said...

Great list. Right on. Thank you for everything, everything. Most of all for making that happen, bringing us all together.

So, when's the next one? :)

Jerri said...

Like love and lots of other things, the party was even better the second time around.

jennifer said...

You rock!!!

kario said...

I'm thinking next time we fully integrate the sleepover/writing part and extend it at least one extra day. But only if Michelle and Jenny promise to come. I'll host!

holly said...

you rock, carrie! didn't think i could get more out of this than i did last time ... and...totally blind sided me!

Thanks for working so hard to make these happen and opening your home to provide a space for it.

holly said...

p.s.. one through eight - perfect. 10 - yes, yes, ues.

but, Nine? SLEEP - so UNDER-RATED!

holly said...

weird - my p.s. had a first part - it said:

you rock, carrie! didn't think i could get MORE out of this than i did the first round. and it totally blindsided me.

thank you so much for working to make these happen, and for opening your home to provide the space!

grammer said...

carrie, your positive energy is so easy to feel, even 3000 miles away. thanks for this list, and for the whole miraculous weekend. xo

Monica Holloway said...

Carrie - You've got it down. Thank you for bringing me into the circle of amazing women. I couldn't be more humbled and happy. I'm still blissed out.