Saturday, February 17, 2007


Just finished watching Oprah's Thursday episode that I'd taped (yes, I still have a VCR). The response to her show on "The Secret" was so overwhelming, she did a show just on the response. Rev. Michael Beckwith and James Ray were incredible. Every fan of "The Secret" that I know, was so happy Oprah was doing that show. Once Oprah puts her stamp of approval on something, it goes mainstream. I'm ready for peace, love, forgiveness, happiness, well-being, joy, etc. to go mainstream. It's time.

I know forgiveness is not something you do for the other, but for yourself, but when I watched the show tonight, I heard that with a different spin. A spin that I needed to hear. Unforgiveness is a form of self-abuse.You keep drawing that experience towards you until you forgive and let go. The situations/names may change, but the experience doesn't. Wow.

I see that with others, people that keep dating, or marrying, the same "bad guy" over and over again. Hard to see the patterns in your own life, though. Why is that? When I think about the greatest sources of pain in my life, and those that I am still trying to "tease out" after all these years, it's the ones with the greatest aversion, that remain. What I don't want. The Secret. Law of attraction. What you focus on, you attract. Period.

What do I want?

Most of us want "Harmonic Wealth". We want wealth in the five key areas of life:

1) Financial
2) Relational
3) Physical
4) Spiritual
5) Intellectual

I think I get it, get it this time. I know I want to get it. I get that much!


renee said...

I, too, was mesmerized by both episodes of Oprah - what a fabulously simple yet powerful lesson. I have been journaling non-stop about it. Thanks for detailing it for those who may not changing stuff!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Yes Carrie. I don't think we can always "get it," but just having the willingness to get it will take us far.

LOVE The Secret!!!

kario said...

It's so difficult to consistently remind ourselves of the lessons in this fantastic movie when daily life intervenes. Keep the faith, Carrie, and you'll inspire us all!