Sunday, December 17, 2006


That sounds crass, doesn't it, uncaring, mean-spirited, selfish? It depends. Like everything, the intent behind what is said, is more important than the word choice.

Having a son with a severe communication disorder, has re-shaped everything I thought I knew and believed about language. I've learned how little words communicate, and how profoundly our bodies do. I've learned that anything said with love as the intent is good, and anything said out of fear is not so good.

My son is in fourth grade, a big year for, "Oh yea? Who cares!" My son has turned this into the best expression, made even better by the fact that he means, "It doesn't matter what other people think of me, it matters what I think of myself." He is ten. He "gets it". I am still trying to "get it", and I've got 33 years on him.

So, the next time you stop yourself from doing/being/acting in the way you'd like, because you are worried about what others think, try Rojo's magic words...

"Who cares if it cares to him!"


Terry Whitaker said...

I am working with a body worker and body language expert who says that 80% of ALL communication is non-verbal.

holly said...

love it! that's beautiful.

he "get's it" from his mom.

Back At'cha said...

Who f-ing cares, that's more like it!!!