Thursday, December 14, 2006


I was over at Lauck's Monday, two of us in her upstairs office working, her four-year-old, "Belle" (the artist formally known as Jo) was downstairs putting lights on the Christmas tree with the nanny. Her sing-song voice carrying up the stairs frequently, so excited for Christmas, so excited for life.

Everytime one of us ventured downstairs for something, we'd stop and admire Belle's handiwork.

"Belle! Look at the tree! Those lights! They are fabulous! You are fabulous! And what is that you're wearing now, Belle, Little Mermaid? Is that a tail I see behind you?"

This scene repeats, each time Belle is newly dressed as a different Disney Princess, or some delightful combination of fairy wings, winter boots and striped tights.

Eventually Belle's face lights up the whole staircase, her glorious voice rising, "Mom! Carrie Link! We didn't put lights on the tree!"

Our grins match hers, "Really? You didn't put lights on the tree? Oh no, Belle!"

"CHEAT!" she shouts, so proud of herself for "fooling" us.

Love her four-year-old command of the language. I'm totally stealing "cheat". It's perfection!


Jennifer said... Belle...just for ther record (and I feel I need to say this, in public, when people hear me say "belle" as if it matters what they think) I named her Josephine...after my father Joseph. Just for the record. No cheat.

Love her. Love her style. Love how she calls you Link!!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

I swear to GOD, my best friend (who I coerced into being my assistant) has a daughter named Bella. One a away from being just like you...AGAIN!!!

Okay, I'm getting tired of myself now. The horse is dead!

Carrie Junkie said...

The horse is, without a shadow of a doubt, DEAD! Let it go!!!

Michelle O'Neil said...

She is a little precious princess peanut.

Stacy said...

remember when words did not have to be chosen properly. predicates, tenses, all that technical crap, I hate it. -Looser, cheater, writer freak.