Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Labryinth: A Walking Meditation

by Nancy J. Schaaf
June 10, 2005

As human beings,we have great difficulty in quieting our minds. "Monkey Minds," the bombardment of thoughts, doesn't permit us to live in the present as we are too focused on the past and the future. An ancient tool called a labyrinth can assist us as we meditate or pray by uniting our mind, body, and soul.

The Sacred Labyrinth
Loretta Rogers has a site describing how to walk and use this "ancient mediation tool for a new millenium" - with sensible advice and clear diagrams. I particularly liked a this quote she used from The Sacred Landscape by Lehrman:

Go lightly, simply,
Too much seriousness clouds the soul.
Just go, and follow the flowing moment. Try not to cling to any experience.
The depths of wonder open of themselves.

Just got back from walking my first labyrinth. Wow. Incredible. Thoughts are swirling too fast to grab them and put them into writing, but let’s just say it takes the whole “Christmas Card” posting, and all the various thoughts on it, and gives it a big, “Who cares?”


Terry Whitaker said...

We have one right near our house and I have not gone yet. Now I'll wait until you arrive!

Michelle O'Neil said...

I think the healthiest thing any of us can do is to not give a rip what anyone else thinks about us.

Take an A, teacher.

Jenny Rough said...

How cool. I've always wanted to walk a labyrinth.

Jonathan said...
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