Thursday, December 28, 2006


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “secrets.” I’ve decided to formally call “bullshit” on them. I am, and will remain, the epitome of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to others’ private information. Private information is one thing, secrets are a horse of a different color. This may be a blurry line to some, and where the line stands is open to debate. It is up to each of us to determine, and for none to argue.

Definition: concealment

Antonyms: forthrightness, honesty, openness, publicity, revelation

I will even go so far as to say it is our secrets that kill us. It is what we refuse to bring out into the light, to reveal, to be honest about, that grows into a being all its own, and takes over our lives.

So, got a secret? Let’s hear it!


Amanda said...

so interesting. i think that secrets can be really painful, for the person holding them and people who aren't let into that inner sanctum...

have you ever checked out you would love it.

Jenny Rough said...


That site is funny.

jennifer said...

For a girl who's under the've got a lot of spunk over there!!! I'm not telling a darn thing...all my secrets WAY over there. Call me though and I'll down load BIG TIME!!!

Ziji Wangmo said...

You're en fuego - and sick, too?
Secrets??? Problay not a good idea to whisper and tell secrets -it's not polite. I think we learned that in kindergarten? I'm always happy to share secrets with a friend - let's hang at the Barefoot Sage and share over a hot foot bath.

JessPDX said...

This is timely for me.... And I agree with you mostly. I've been struggling with what that line is. What is just too personal, and what is not, how much to share and with whom.

Anyway, nobody here seems eager to post their secrets in the comment section. But we all want to tell you in person!

Suzy said...

Ok- not a real big secret or a real big deal- part of it was in one of the posts in my blog,so here's the other part.
In one post I mention that my step-father who was really good to me, threw a fork at my forehead. Well the real reason he did that was because I happened to mention in front of him and my crazy mother that I casually mentioned that I had filled out an application to enter the a convent in New York- Mount Saint Mary on the Hudson in Newburgh New York, and had been accepted. Although the nuns were pretty hateful towards kids, they seemed to have a good time with each other and they were always taken care of. My other alternative was to work with my mother at the White Tower. He was so upset at the fact that I would leave him alone with this crazy woman he pitched a fork at my forehead. My mother went beserker than usual and Big Frank cried, so I stayed home and declined the acceptance. Ha ha on me. Two months later Frank died and left me with my crazy mother. All's well that ends well.

Terry Whitaker said...

OHMYGOD, Suzy!! Your secrets are just too something (funny, amazing, heartrending, etc)!

And Carrie--you know I don't have any from you--however, what do I do with all the others I have from everyone else????