Friday, December 08, 2006


Shame - vibrates at 20, emotion is humiliation, process is elimination
Guilt - vibrates at 30, emotion is blame, process is destruction
Fear - vibrates at 100, emotion is anxiety, process is withdrawal
Neutrality - vibrates at 250, emotion is trust, process is release
Acceptance - vibrates at 250, emotion is forgiveness, process is transcendence
Love - vibrates at 500, emotion is reverence, process is revelation
Peace - vibrates at 600, emotion is bliss, process is illumination

PEACE on Earth, good will towards all men, women and children.

** From the book, Power vs. Force, by David Hawkins


Carrie Wanna Be said...

I'm just ashamed (20) to say that I had no idea (where does ignorance hit on the chart?) about the low vibe of all these feelings...I'm on the floor feeling so low...but then, I read your blog, think about you and rise, rise, are just the very best, greatest, most wonderful yum yum ever!!!

Carrie Junkie said...

HHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEE (in a good way) Wanna Be!!!!

Back At'cha said...

All you need is love, love, love is all you need...

which doesn't seem to be the case...all you need is good good good good vibrations....