Wednesday, December 13, 2006


For those of you NOT addicted to repeats of "Sex and the City", and you call yourself a friend, that is my all time favorite Carrie Bradshaw quote. Her name is Carrie, my name is Carrie. She's a writer, I'm a writer. She uses a Mac, I use a Mac (did I even tell you people that big news?) See? Kismit!

Well, my new lovaaahhhh is younger than me. He's been checked out by all my people, he receives only the highest of praise. He's got more expensive taste than any of my old lovers, but I hear he is worth every penny. I cannot TELL you how excited I am to try out my lovaaahhhh in the early morning. Yes, I'm a morning girl. No lovin' after 2:00 PM, or I hate myself afterwards.

Fully Caffeinated is taking it to a whole new level, people. Look out!

P.S. That's my lover's best friend, next to him. His name is Krups. Krups is only eighteen, we've been together all those eighteen years, he's never betrayed me. Never. I know how to pick 'em!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Oooooo. His sleek curves. He's mighty pretty. Are you willing to share?

Back At'cha said...

I'm coming over for a three way!! Get the pif ready.