Saturday, March 27, 2010


That's an interesting word, don't you think? Gravity? Both in the law of physics sort of way and in the very serious way. Gravity.

April is right around the corner and is Autism Awareness month. If you aren't already gravely aware of autism, you will be. The statistics are staggering. It is impossible that your life will not be somehow touched by autism, perhaps minimally, perhaps with great gravity.

Rojo's educational assessments have all been conducted, and early in April STM and I will sit down with a school psych, a special ed teacher, a speech path and an autism specialist, and learn of their verdict. He either will or will not have an educational diagnosis of autism at the end of that meeting.

And none of it matters, he will still be the same amazing, brilliant, complicated, enlightened being after the meeting as he is right now. The only difference will be the direction his paper trail leads towards his future.

There are days when Rojo's uncertain future overwhelms me completely. I am covered in fear and doubt and well, the gravity of the situation. Then there are days I bask in his presence and think I am the luckiest woman alive, and to spend the rest of my life enjoying his daily, delightful company is a fate saved only for the most truly blessed.

GRAVITY PULLS YOU IN is a gorgeous anthology written by parents of children on the spectrum. Many of my fellow Hopeful Parents writers are contributors, as well as our own Drama Mama who has, I'm just going to go ahead and say it, the best piece in there.

Because this book hits me so close to where I live, I'll be honest, I put off reading it for a long time. Didn't know that I wanted to spend my free time reading about what I live. I ordered the book and then just let it sit there for weeks, afraid to "go there."

I am not only glad I went there, I'm glad I basked in the wisdom, honesty, diversity, different perspectives, and community of these fellow travelers. Whether you are a traveler or experiencing autism from your armchair, you will be moved by this book. Let the gravity pull you in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carrie! I love that you gave special mention to the spectacular Drama Mama!

And I'll be thinking of you and the upcoming educational assessment 'verdict' for the magnificent Rojo, though the only verdict that matters is the one that came in the day he was born. : )

Wanda said...

Yes. None of it matters. And I hope whatever comes from it means that he gets the best from the educational system. And you? You're the best. said...

I have a hard time "going there" with autism anthologies as well. I've had the book for a while and have only read Drama's and Kyra's amazing pieces so far!

Like autism, you take in it in bits and pieces. Too much at once is overwhelming.

It is on my nightstand.

Holding you and Rojo in the light for your meeting. All is well.

Leightongirl said...

Thanks for the beautiful review. We all have our favorites, but Drama Mama is right up there. Echoing Kyra on the well wishes for your meeting. We'll be thinking of you.

kario said...

On it! I can't wait to see how it compares to "My Baby Rides the Short Bus." Thanks for the recommendation.

I love your perspective on Rojo's diagnosis. I hope that the meetings produce the best possible paper trail for him and you.


drama mama said...

I am having a VERY hard time right now - the hardest time I've had in a while, in fact - with autism.

You know? Wherever you go, there it is.

Thank you for this.

I went back and reread my piece.

I get it again.

Hope all goes well with the meeting, but you're right - Rojo remains the fantastic and irrepressible Jesus Boy that we all know and wouldn't change for the world.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten the book yet, but have been meaning to. Sometimes it's hard to read about what we live and as I've been pouring over "autism asserting your child's right to a special education" I've found it hard to read anything else related to autism! I've got it on my list for a future date though.

Thinking of you as you prepare for the meeting.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yes. Have I mentioned how much I love this book? "Bask in the wisdom" is a brilliant way to put it. Thinking of you with the upcoming meeting, sending love.

Deb Shucka said...