Saturday, March 06, 2010


In a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, I mentioned three questions asked in my Mary book:

1) Who am I?

2) What is my gift I give to the planet?

3) What is my purpose in being here this lifetime?

The comments from that blog posting have been really interesting, and it tells me I'm not the only one struggling to answer those questions. And really, could there be three more important questions? Really?

Caroline Myss does a lot of great work around our sacred contracts, the agreements our souls made before being incarnated into this particular lifetime. I believe there are people we've agreed to meet, agreed to marry, agreed to give birth to, agreed to break up with, agreed to buck up against, agreed to be hurt by, agreed to work alongside with, agreed to be related to, agreed to learn from, agreed to teach, agreed to love and agreed to struggle to love.

For me, reflecting on those agreements is helpful in answering the three biggies.

Who has helped to show us who we are, and aren't?

Who has helped us see our gifts, and what are not our gifts, and come to acceptance that we are simply not good at some things, and that's okay?

Who has helped us see what is, and what is not, our purpose on this planet?

I've had more dreams lately in which I'm cleaning up other people's messes. I'm pretty sure that that is not one of my purposes in this lifetime, but I keep struggling to learn that.

I've been listening to Wicked's "For Good" a lot this week, it's such a reminder of how our sacred contracts are not played out in isolation, but through relationship.

And it's all for good.


Lola said...

"And it's all good." Oh yes it is! xo

Amber said...

You are speaking to me.


Wanda said...

I am really looking forward to the debriefing after this one is over. said...

I think we all have a little Glinda and a little Elphaba in us.

My fave Wicked song, Loathing. It cracks me up.


Deb Shucka said...

It is all for the good - the shadow and the light because you can't have one without the other. I love this picture. And just think what energy you'll have when you're able to let those others clean up after themselves. :-)

kario said...

Keep sharing! This is so great. I love benefitting from your wisdom, my friend.

jess said...

ok, so i'm honing in on something random here, but this is what struck me ..

Who has helped to show us who we are, and aren't?

there's a spectacular reframe in that .. those who have shown us who we aren't .. they've done us a service, helped us along the journey .. perhaps anger might be replaced by gratitude?

i know i'm a little slow, but this could be really big in my world.

Anonymous said...

Those are the questions I was asking myself yesterday, as I sat crying. I'm no longer a wife, not much of a mother, what am I if I am not these things anymore? Who was I meant to be? And how do I get back to her?

Wish I could meet you in real life Carrie. I like how you think. I just reread The Secret Life of Bees and thought of you while I was reading it. The book reminded me of Mary and mothers. I never had a strong mother but I'm finding one within me, Mary I'm thinking.