Monday, December 21, 2009


Rojo spent Friday night at my in-laws. Bright and early Saturday morning, in anticipation of seeing Kunga, he persuaded my mother-in-law to brave the mall and take him Christmas shopping for a gift for Kunga. 8:50 AM had them outside Barnes & Noble waiting for them to open, and to their joyous surprise, they already were. By 9:30 they were already home and wrapping Kunga's gift.

This is the first and only time Rojo has initiated picking out a present for another person. He's been badgered into picking something for others but has never actually stopped to consider what they would want. Until now. Apparently he really took his time, looking carefully at several books before making his selection. Rojo himself is not big on books, but he knows Kunga is.

The gift tag said," To: Jo Jo From: Jo Jo" in Rojo's writing. The Tibetan's use cho-cho for brother, Kunga and Rojo call each other Cho-Cho Kunga and Cho-Cho Rojo, but it sounds a lot like Jo Jo.

The minute, and I do mean minute, Kunga walked in the door, Rojo handed him the gift and said, "Here, do you want it?"

He did.

Rojo had picked out a book about puppies - just right for a four-year-old. Just right to give a Buddhist for Christmas. Just right from one brother to another.

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colbymarshall said...

Aw, very cool! I love puppies :-)

Lori said...

Perfect. :) said...


Now you know you did the right thing by getting Rojo a puppy for Christmas.

What? You didn't? Well there is still time.

P.S. I LOVE Rojo and cousin Kunga.

Jerri said...

Just right from one open heart to another.


pixiemama said...

Beautiful, beautiful boys.


Deb Shucka said...

You've made me cry. This is the best Christmas story of the season. Especially, I think, after the challenges of the fall.

Kim said...

So, so sweet! I second the puppy sentiment--but I'm a little biased seeing we got a puppy for Christmas!

blackknightsbrood said...

Barnes and Noble at Christmas time as the doors first open - coffee, books, quiet. Heaven on earth.

How cool that he was able to choose and present a gift (and an appropriate one to boot) on his own.

(and I love their names for each other. Cho-Cho Kunga and Cho-Cho Rojo; there is something sweet and personal in this).

Anonymous said...

Kunga la asked me to read puppy book again last night before he went to bed. And he said, isn't sweet cho cho brought this for me. I love my Cho cho/JO JO. I miss him, can we go to Portland again. And yes!
Thank You Rojo for your kind, thoughtful and precious times for my sweet little one. What a bless!!!

Elizabeth said...

That is the sweetest story.

Tabitha Bird said...

so sweet!

My boys call each other the 'brother things'
But it often comes out sounding like, "Brother tings."

They love that they are the brother tings and sometimes even call themselves brother ting one and brother ting two. Or 'ting one' and 'ting two'.

Wanda said...

Tears. Loving this.

kario said...

Cousins, brothers, what's the difference?

Love that Rojo was indulged by your in-laws and it paid off for him and Kunga.

Love that you didn't have to get up and do it.

Love the puppy book.