Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm telling you people, the feng shui stuff really works. I mostly worked on my prosperity and helpful people areas of my house (which, of course, are opposite each other and directly affect one another). It took me all of five minutes. Maybe ten, including digging out the old Monopoly game and sorting through the pieces until I found Park Place.

Tuesday I got a call from the behavioral/developmental pediatrician's office we've been frequenting for eleven years. I assumed (never do that) that they were calling to confirm Wednesday's appointment. No. It went a little like this:

"Hi, Carrie, this is Robin. You called a few weeks ago because your insurance had denied a claim and you wanted us to re-code and re-bill? Well, I did, and we've been reimbursed, so you have a credit now."

"Oh! That's great!"

"Yes, well, actually I looked into several of your old bills and realized for quite awhile now you've been being incorrectly billed. You have a $492 credit."

Could nearly $500 come at a better time? No. It could not.

I'm not allowing myself to even go to the place that bemoans the fact that this problem goes back a very long way and nobody has caught it until now, I'm just super thankful for the most helpful of people, Robin.

I needed the chimney cleaned and was getting the run around from one company. Finally I sat down with Mary, calmed myself and she said, "Start all over." So I went back to Googling and called the first place that came up with the new search information. The woman that answered the phone? Carrie. Spelled the right way, too. Carrie was super helpful and my chimney was arranged to be cleaned the very next day with zero run around.

Next I needed to get a referral for Woohoo from her high school counselor. Her name? Kerri (spelled the wrong way, but still very cool, don't you think?). She was exceedingly helpful and happy to be so.

THEN I had to do some banking and was vibing which branch, what time to go, which person to form a line behind, and guess where I ended up. Go ahead, guess. Behind Carrie's line. She didn't have a name tag, but when I gave her my bank card she said, "Oh! Your name is Carrie, spelled the right way, you'll get the Carrie-to-Carrie service today!"

All within 24-hours.


Get the book.

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jess wilson said...

Too cool. Signed, daughter of Carrie (spelled the right way). Yes, really.

pixiemama said...

OK, clearly I need the book. But I can't afford it until payday. Sigh.

Thanks for the hope. And, by the way, I think I'm going to have to start my own habit of lighting the Marys. Often.

As always, you inspire.


Amber said...

Holy crap! lmao! That is really, really cool. So, okay. I could use some-o-that, god knows. I'll try it. Why not?


Wanda said...

Carrie on, girlfriend. Carrie ON!

Tom Bailey said...

I do buy into the workability of this. I had a feng shui consultant help me out. Sharp edges in certain places etc.

I see little risk in trying the suggestions.

The concepts can help and have a VERY limited risk of hurting this which is something I do not mind trying.

I like the chart you shared on it.

Thanks for sharing.

Go Mama said...

Cool. Sign me up! Amazon wish list, here I come!
(Add it to the stack of 25 books on my end table.)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've got the book, I've done the stuff for prosperity with the silver, etc. and now I'm waiting. And waiting. Perhaps I need to pay attention?

Jerri said...

Can't type now. Must go buy book.

Deb Shucka said...

What a great story! No surprise, and certainly no accident. Love.

Jenny said...

You're too funny. :-) said...

Love it!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I am so into this book. Thanks for recommending it!

Lola said...

WOW-btw i am back to my site!

Ask Me Anything said...

Carrie, When you print out the bagua, how do you place it?

Ask Me Anything said...

PS: Jess's mom's name is Carrie? And her last name is Wilson?? Freaky.

kario said...

Love you - even if your name isn't spelled the right way. At least it's pronounced correctly ;-)

Dark said...

i think i will take the book too... am the moderator of, from where u r linking the title image