Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Getting any kind of details out of Rojo about Outdoor School has been a lot like pulling teeth (raise your hand if you're surprised). In fact, the term "monosyllabic" comes to mind.

"Was it fun?"


"What did you do?"


"Did you eat?"


"What did you eat?"


And so on.

But, the one thing we've heard about in excruciating detail, is the punch.

"Mom, they had PUNCH at Outdoor School! It's red and they put it in a pitcher and in the pitcher is ice and you pour the pitcher and the ice and the punch comes into your glass. Can we get punch? Can we pour it in a pitcher? Can we just keep refilling the pitcher after it's gone? Can we put ice in the pitcher? Can we just all drink the punch from the pitcher with ice?"

Yesterday my cell phone rang. "Jenn" came up on Caller ID. Jenn is Rojo's aide and that is pretty much the only call I take. No. Matter. What.

She was calling about the punch.

They hadn't been able to get off topic all morning - he wanted the NAME of the exact punch they drank at Outdoor School, and of course Jenn wasn't there so she could only guess. Rojo had poor Jenn Googling "punch" until she found the label he recognized.

"That's it!" he said upon seeing the Hawaiian Punch label.

"Oh!" Jenn said, "That's called Hawaiian Punch."

"No, that's not it then, ours was called Oregon Punch," he said.


Maddy said...

We love logic too! I cannot count the number of times I have had to google something obscure just to get THE answer.......how would we ever have survived without technology.
Cheers [Californian style!]

Wanda said...

I loved "Hawaiian Punch" when I was a kid...and, of course, we drank it in Oregon. Ergo--?

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Ha! So that's what we've been drinking all these years!

Anonymous said...

love it. thank god for google!

Lola said...

Love it! I always loved Hawaiian Punch. It was a treat saved for my Nans house. AND I always use the term punchy!!!!!

Drama Mama said...

I think that Rojo is really my husband in another body.

Go get that boy some punch. Stat.

kario said...


She said...

So, now are you making this punch daily? You know, to go with the garlic toast?!

Deb Shucka said...

I'll bet punch goes well with sourdough toast and garlic salt. As for the monosyllabic responses - that sure sounds like normal sixth grade responding.