Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Do you love the irony that Rojo is at Outdoor School on Earth Day? He's been telling me about Earth Day for a few weeks, now, warning me we were going to turn off all the lights, reduce, reuse and recycle more than we already do (which borders on fanatically, already), but he didn't put it together that he'd be like, ON and IN the earth during Earth Day. But he is.

Another really hot day and another day of keeping that hooded sweatshirt ON and over his head - again, the "bees" which means anything that flies. Anything that crawls is a "spider." But he came home less tired, less dehydrated, and more enthusiastic.

"Mom, there's a counselor named Tsunami. He's my BFF. He is going to sleep in my cabin on Thursday when I spend the night. When Kathleen leaves then just, boom, there will be Tsunami. He will just, boom, be my counselor and help me after Kathleen leaves. In the morning I will be all, 'Tsunami, wake up! It's time to take me to the nurse's for my medicine! Tsunami! Wake up! Are you just so excited to see me? Are you ready to go to the nurse's office with me? Don't forget! Promise you won't forget!"

"Mom, Wednesday at lunch I am not going to sit by Kathleen, I am going to let Tsunami sit by me because Kathleen will have me for the whole ride home, but Tsunami will miss me when I leave on Wednesday, so I will just sit by Tsunami so he won't be sad when I leave. Tell Kathleen. Don't forget. Promise you won't forget."

"Mom, we are singing the 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' song! You do it in all the funny voices. I like the sad voice. I like to pretend cry and say, 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' like I'm pretend crying. That's really fun to pretend cry."

"Mom, today the Field Study counselor's name was Tangerine. Because she's orange, get it?" (Actually, no, I don't, but he seemed to get why she is orange, and that's good enough for me.) "And there's a counselor named Latte, you know, like you like? Latte, like you like, get it? Latte?"

"Don't forget to pack my suitcase. Don't forget to pack my sleeping bag. Don't forget to pack my medicine. Don't forget to pack my clothes. Don't forget, Mom, promise you won't forget."

I've had my reservations that our whole spend-just-one-night plan would work, but it looks like I've been saved.

By a Tsunami.


Amber said...

WOnderful! lol! I love the "are you just so excited to see me??" LMAO! SO sweet. What a darling love he is.


Maddy said...

My daughter is away for 4 days science camp so I just have the boys. Theoretically it will be his turn next year......I'm dreading it.

So glad that he's having a blast and all set up to succeed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's thriving.

Robin said...

I love the Camp Names. Will Rojo pick one?

Anonymous said...


Will WooHoo be staying at a friend's house that night so you and STM have an evening uninterrupted?


Michelle O'Neil said...

So glad he's having a great time!

Wanda said...

His counselor's name is Tsunami? Who the hell has Tsunami for a name?


cheryl said...

Loved your punch line.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

I love all his plans and commentary!

Anonymous said...

i adore the way he's meting himself out so that no one has to miss him too much. so sweet and thoughtful.

tsunami? orange? latte?

so do they call him rojo?

Jerri said...

Rojo. What can you say about Rojo?

The boy's just got It. That's all. (So does his mom.)

Deb Shucka said...

This boy makes friends faster than anyone I know. Another case of the acorn not falling far from the tree. :)