Saturday, April 04, 2009


The Dalai Lama calls a sense of inferiority, LAZINESS. He says that laziness stops our progress in our spiritual practice. He says inferiority is just doubting our capabilities, which is basically TFBS*, but he didn't use that acronym. (I'd like to think he'd get a big kick out of it, however. Any man that wears a visor and laughs like he does, has a great sense of humor.)


Can't talk now - gotta go turn that over.

And over.

And over.

* TFBS = Total _________ BS


Wanda said...

Years ago I saw a wonderful documentary about DL on PBS. Totally an enneagram 9. Laziness is his shadow, so he says.

carrie carm said...

True F***ing Bull Sh*t?
Terrible Falsies Bouncing Shyly?
Tiny Farts Before Sh*tting?

Acronyms make me screamy.

(Dunno if you want my potty mouth on your blog, therefore: STARS!)

Deb Shucka said...

Where do you find these great pictures of him? I love it that he has no patience for no self love. It sure puts things in a different light.

Amber said...

Oh wow. I like that. I kind of always felt that way! Like, I am not going to feel 'not good enough', because I am a creation of GOD! What, and I saying God creates crap? So I must be worthy. just as worthy as anybody.

But somedays i forget, LOL!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Can't talk now. Gotta go put on my visor.


kario said...

Oh, battling laziness makes me so tired! Can I just stop for an iced tea in the shade?

Okay, okay, I'm moving. Thanks for the inspiration...

carrie carm said...

I'm actually serious about wanting to know what TFBS stands for. I even did a search for it.

I'm pretty sure you are not referring to genetic algorithms. Maybe though.

jess said...

me too .. TFBS?

She said...

I'm pretty lazy if what he says is true. Can't talk now, must go sit in silence and allow healing to flow into my innermost being!