Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last week when I interviewed Suzanne Finnamore, she responded to a comment, and her response was so wonderful, it bears repeating for those of you that may have missed it:

SHE (short for Shelia) said...
Great interview. Makes me want to read it again since I'm grieving right now.

The anger stage is the worst.

Doing and saying things that you wish you hadn't is hard.

Needed someone to remind me that the things I said (and wrote even) in anger (stage!)are based on feelings/beliefs that will pass! That is very HELPFUL FOR ME TODAY!

9:41 AM

to SHE

when i wrote Split, i discovered my raw manuscript had approximately 90 pages each of Denial, Bargaining, Grief, and Acceptance....and 300 pages of ANGER.

In books as in life, i had to cut a lot of the Anger out in order to see my creation realized.

suzanne finnamore

Here's to cutting a lot of Anger to have our creations realized.

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Michelle O'Neil said...

I loved this exchange.

pixiemama said...

Amen, sisters.

Jerri said...

Thanks for posting this. I'd missed it.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

Wanda said...

Well worth repeating.

Amber said...



Deb Shucka said...

I know I'm a bit behind reading, but just this morning I had this amazing aha that my issues with anger are the grieving kind and not the mean kind. I've been stuck in a couple of relationship things, and knowing that the anger is a stage of grieving the loss of what was helps a bunch. I love the synchronicity of this. Sorry for such a long comment.

She said...

I needed to read this again TONIGHT. Thank you! No accidents.

kario said...