Thursday, April 09, 2009


I pick up Rojo on Wednesday and he's all red faced from PE as he climbs into the back seat and slams the door shut. The PE teacher (love her, hi, Liz!) is right behind him. "Did he tell you?" she asks (chances are HIGH he has not).

"What?" I ask.

"I was like the NCAA champion in PE. Our team, UCONN, WON! I got SIX baskets! At the end I. PICKED ME UP! I was body slamming everyone! I'm like the CBK, College Basketball KING! I was on FIRE! I was just like Brandon Roy! I was ALL OVER that net!"

He beamed.

The PE teacher beamed.

I beamed.

He continued to tell me all about his conquest for the full 15 minutes it took to drive to Woohoo's school.

Then he announced he hadn't seen M. in a long time, and he'd really like to. M. is not just another GIRL, she's practically a woman - a 7th grader, the cougar! So, he was wondering could we please call M. just the very second we got home and see if M. could come over, because after all, he's the CBK, and she doesn't even know that yet, and well, he'd just really like to tell her.

Don't forget.

Woohoo wasn't in the car 2 minutes before she took matters into her own hands and called M., cell phone to cell phone and had the whole thing arranged.

I just noticed that since he became the ladies' man, he stopped asking me to sit in the living room and watch him play basketball.

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.


jess said...

oh darlin .. my heart soars for you .. for rojo, for teachers like liz ~ who GET it, who join in the celebration.

congratulations, CBK!

Cathy said...

that's so great! my 7-year-old son, whom has asperger's, loves to shoot hoops--it's been a great outlet for him at recess

Michelle O'Neil said...

You'll are his #1 lady. This I'm sure of.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh bad hormones. How they separate us from our boys! :)

Wanda said...

"I don't know whether to laugh or to cry."


Jerri said...

Some of each, Carrie. Some of each.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that li=ne about the 7th grader being a cougar killed me. I laughed out loud! Having four sons, I recall the moments of realizing the 7th and 8th grade girls are not what they used to be. Well written. Perceptively spoken :)!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Go, Rojo! That is awesome, for so many reasons.

Lori said...

He still needs you, Mom. Trust me on that. Mine's 25 and still calls me to read me what he's written or to rib me about why Lost is a lousy show. :)

Rojo's experiences with girls reminds me of my son's first dance/date. He was maybe 7th grade, and this little girl was smitten by him and vice versa. He asked her to the school dance. I drove him and she met him there.

About an hour and a half later, I get a call. It's my son. "Mom, can you come pick me up?" Fearing the usual social anxiety he'd suffered, I asked cautiously, "Uh, is something wrong?"

He said, "No, I'm just bored. Mom, these people are all DANCING."

I don't know what he expected at a school dance, but he was a bit put out by his friends' new, odd behavior. :)

Anonymous said...

Both would be appropriate.

Deb Shucka said...

I think it's okay if you do both. Love.

kario said...

Remember this the next time he invites you to a game in the living room.

Gotta love UConn.