Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm a day late in recognizing and appreciating the gifts and beauty of the winter solstice.

I'm late in recognizing and appreciating the gifts of pretty much everything today.

Day nine of being snowed in has taken its toll.

No walking/exercise.

No personal time.

No "normal" rhythm to the days/week, just hour after hour, day after day of talking about the beetle.

"Mom, can we have 4 games instead of 5 today? It's the only thing that takes my mind off the beetle."

So we upped the games to 4.

Then 5.

Today it'll be six, and so on, until that beetle shows up on Christmas day.

"I'm more excited for Christmas than I've ever been," he announced yesterday.

And it couldn't be cuter.

And he couldn't have more of the Christmas spirit.

And I couldn't have less.

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Angie Ledbetter said...

Cabin fever + lack of personal space/time = poor you! Sending you spring thaw thoughts, friend. :)

Deb said...

Wish I could come spell you, but we can't get out of our driveway! Sending you love and a wish that you can find some space and peace.

Jamie said...

Oh cabin fever is awful - I sure hope you can break out soon!!

Jerri said...

Blessings of peace and patience to you.

Not a mark on 'em!

Terry said...

Today Sophie asked to get Gramma one more gift and I responded with "yes, let's get that over with for God's sake", and she said, "Mom, wouldn't it be nicer to find something she really liked instead of just crossing it off the list?" Oy vey--I wish I was Jewish

deb said...

Hang in there, only three more sleeps.


I know what you mean!!! the snow has its beauty but it sure got in the way of my vacation plans!! I"m at the PDX airport right now, hopeing and praying I get on this 6am flight I'm on standby for tomorrow... wish me luck!!

She said...

You have a friend who will give up her bed for you in Los Angeles! The weather is much better! : )

kario said...

Yup, the hardest thing about being cooped up like this is staying on top of ways to keep the girls entertained (without including me). Longing for more "me-time" and knowing that I'll fully appreciate the rain the next time I see it.