Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There's been a death in the family, "someone" very near and dear to me and a part of my life for o, these many years, apparently has passed on. It was the stench of the rotting body that first gave it away - something just didn't smell right. She'd been acting a little funny, not her usual high-performing self, but I blew it off. I should have taken her to the "doctor," seen if anything could be done.

And now it's too late.

My fullycaffeinated e-mail address is gone. I hope she passed peacefully, knowing she'd lived a full life - no regrets.

I can hear her from the other side, and she says things like, "We had a good run, we came into each other's lives both needing each other, and now we don't - you're not fully caffeinated anymore, you're 1/2 caf, at best, and I prefer to live more authentically."

You gotta love "someone" with integrity.

Not sure yet what this means for the name of this blog, I can only handle so much abrupt and difficult change at a time - I'm thinking a subtitle may solve the whole "problem," so I'm open to suggestions.

Until then, a moment of silence, please, let us honor Fully Caffeinated for a life well lived.

(My new address is:

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Suzy said...

We had so much fun together, drinking coffee, beer o'clock, and the laughs, ah, all the laughs.

She will be sorely missed.

But I have a feeling that her reincarnation will take us all to new heights....

Yours in Java,


Angie Ledbetter said...

She was a good servant. (Don't mind saying, the photo scared me!) :)

Subtitle suggestion: "My Cup's Always Full"

Go Mama said...

fully caffeinated...until the caffeine hit the road!

Feels good to come clean, doesn't it. Love the new email.

Brava to you girl.

Crazed Mom said...

With that picture I thought you were going to start wearing burkas and become Muslim....Phew. I'm so very sorry for your loss!

Michelle O'Neil said...

How 'bout "Fully Carrie."

marge said...

I like what Michele suggested "fully carrie" I'm proud of you. Love.

kario said...

Well, I guess it had to make itself known, didn't it? Can't wait to hear what the next incarnation will be.

Deb said...

It seems a fitting death given all of the transformations you're going through right now. The new words will be there. They always are.