Tuesday, December 30, 2008


God, how long has it been, two years? Three? More? All Rojo has eaten, virtually, has been toast. Not just any old toast, either, Seattle Sourdough lightly browned, crusts cut off, smeared with butter and heavily shaken with garlic salt. Sometimes up to a loaf a day between breakfast and dinner - the only two meals he eats.

And for two years, three, maybe more, I have Windexed the hell out of the breakfast counter when he's done, soaped up the wooden stools, pulled the stools from the bar, swept the crumbs, and then spent the rest of the day finding greasy, salty, garlicky spots on everything. Everything. We have few articles of clothing left that haven't been permanently stained by butter. All our furniture has been heavily affected.

About a week ago, just in time for an early Christmas present, he announced, "I'm sick of toast."

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

He requested "taco," instead, something he hasn't eaten since preschool. "Taco," is really shredded chicken breasts with taco seasoning. He eats bowls of it, cold, with a fork, approx. 1/2 a breast at a time.


Until recently the boy hadn't had a serving of protein in 8 years.

What's next, vegetables? Fruit?

Anything is possible.


pixiemama said...

Woot! Woot!
er, uh, I mean,

When I was in college, a friend and I dubbed sour dough toast manna from heaven - perfect only when fresh.

Robin said...

My son lives at times on Chili - for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or all of the above if I let him. His favorite way to eat it is to mix in chocolate chips.

I can make the chili in my sleep.

Wanda said...

Do we need the food groups at each meal or is it okay to do it by life stages? Glad he is into protein right now. Good for growing boy brains.

By the way, Robin, chili with chocolate sounds like molé. Works for me.

Regarding the grease spots...may I recommend Kids and Pets. It is an enzyme cleaner that works on most fabrics. I get it at Target.

Put it on the spots on clothes, let it sit (I sometimes let it sit for a week), and then do the normal laundry. To treat carpets and furniture, put it on, let it sit, and "rinse" it up. It may take more than one application, but enzymes are magic!

Shout works well on clothes, too...probably not on furniture and carpets, although I am not sure. Spray and Wash now has an additive that takes the color out of clothes, so they have lost my market share.

Good luck!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow! Awesome!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Good Lordy, 2009 might bring out a fruit or two...maybe spread with peanut butter? :)

Digging for info. to include in your email answer soon.

Amber said...

Right on. And a good choice, too. I mean, it could be something like liver and onions!


drama mama said...

I'm sort of that way with coffee and low-fat soup.

Why you gotta judge?

Jenny said...

I can just picture your reaction to his annoucement. Too funny.

Jerri said...

Darling girl--you survived years of garlic toast. Yes, anything is possible. You show us that, day by day.

marge said...

Happy New Year! Wonderful just wonderful news. My daughter rotates her foods. Right now mash potatoes and gravy. B,L & D. Ugh.

Go Mama said...

Put some mild salsa on it and you've not only added vegetables and fruit (tomatoes are a fruit), but you've almost got a real taco too.

Side of tortilla chips to scoop?

Anyway, congrats Rojo...going big with the protein, hey?!

TTT (The Truth Teller) said...

Awesome title.

She said...

Love that kid!

I need some radical change in my eating, too! : )

Deb said...

What will you do with all the left over garlic salt? Don't you love how these gifts sneak into your life?!