Monday, December 08, 2008


There is a scene in the movie "Father of the Bride," where Steve Martin stands in his upstairs hallway and overhears his two kids calling out, "Good night, I love you," to each other. I get teared up just thinking about it.

When that movie came out in 1991 STM and I weren't even parents, but we looked at each other and said, "That's what it's all about."

On Saturday night we got all dressed up and went to a Christmas party. Woohoo was Rojo's hired babysitter, and he was downright giddy in anticipation. Often times we leave them alone, but all she has to do is "keep him alive," for which I do not feel the need to pay her. But sometimes I actually hire her to do more than just keep him alive, I pay her to engage fully with him, and he looks forward to these times like there's no tomorrow.

He had the whole thing planned, they would walk down to "The Little Store" and buy brownie mix, make brownies together, and he would stir and then lick the spoon. Then they would eat dinner, and at 7:00 they would watch the 2-hour Drake & Josh Christmas movie, allowing him to stay up until 9:00.

"9:00? I can stay up until NINE?" He asked me, incredulously.

"Sure!" I said, happy to let Woohoo have the honors of that extra 1/2 hour of "fun."

"Oh! This is the happiest day of my life!" he proclaimed.

When STM and I got home from our party, we went around the house turning off lights, putting dishes in the sink to soak, and taking inventory on the state of the health and happiness of the children.

As we passed the newly reutilized dining room space, we saw that there were two place mats out with little card stock tents at each place, marking their places. Instead of just getting a bunch of snacks and watching TV and calling that "dinner," they had set the table, pulled up adjacent chairs, and DINED.


A little like that.

That's what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

Oh my hell of god this makes me get teary eyed. Not to mention what a fabulously beautiful couple!

Kathryn said...

Wow. Wow. Don't know what else to say. Yes. Teared up.

lisajoelle said...

They say it's the little things in life....yes it is.

Jess said...

I almost got teared up, too. So sweet. I can totally picture it.

Angie Ledbetter said...

What a perfectly wonderful night for the entire family! Ahh. Great pic, BTW.

Wanda said...

Love the color of STM's shirt. Love your kids.


Lola said...

That is so what it's all about!!!
BTW you two are gorgeous!!!!! Super shot!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Just lovely. Beautiful kids.

You guys look great,BTW!

Jerri said...

COL here. Totally. Sounds like the first gift of Christmas to me.

Jenny said...

Oh, I love it.

And I also love "keep him alive."

Terry said...

Be still. My heart.

marge said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. What a beautiful Christmas picture too.

Robin said...

What a great story. I remember once my mom let me and my brother cook a chicken over an open fire in the backyard using a spit that my brother had invented. We took turns turning it round and round. Then we ate it with our bare hands. Brothers can be okay.

Anonymous said...

You had me at they dined

Anonymous said...

I am young enough to remember the joys of being able to stay up 1/2 hour later than normal :D

She said...

You are a lovely and beautiful couple, and those kiddos of yours, well, they fill me with awe and wonder and love!

What a wonderful image (both the photo and the story of your children together)!

Deb said...

Beautiful couple. Beautiful smiles. Beautiful story.

holly said...

oh, to be a fly on the wall at that dinner! Lovely story.

And, lovely picture. We got all caught up in the wine and totally forgot about taking a picture :(

drama mama said...



Too much for me to handle.

Amber said...



kario said...


You guys rock.

'Nuff said.